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3 Essential CRM Reports For Driving Sales

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If you need your sales team to rack the sales shotgun with bullets that precisely land into the wallets of your future buyers, reports on their source as well as tools to analyze the quality of leads generated can truly change your sales process for the better.

Here at Kapture, we’ve got your back. The business intelligence tools available to you have been used to increase sales by close to 76% through minor tweaks in the way company’s process incoming data.

Having said that, let’s take a closer look at some of the reports available to you on Kapture CRM that will help you turn your sales team into a smart force that consistently converts, sorts and qualifies leads with ease;

1 – Sales Funnel Visualizations

Sales Funnel Visualizations

The CRM has a number of stages through which a lead goes through.

With the lead having been generated – there are 6 phases through which the lead must go through before he reaches a buying decision namely;

  • Fresh Call
  • 1st Meeting done
  • Demo Scheduled
  • Decision Maker Met
  • Proposal Negotiation
  • Closed And Lost
  • Closed And Won
  • Invoice Sent

These stages are used to mark the progress of a lead, but if you need an overall view of the progress of the leads generated across your pipeline, the sales funnel visualization breaks these stages into parts of a sales funnel.

2 – End of day progress Reports

Progress Reports Dashboard

A Macro view is necessary to look at your progress, but with macro progress comes micro achievement

The end of day sales reports shows you;

  1. The number of calls made
  2. The number of calls planned
  3. The average number of monthly calls planned
  4. The average calls made during the month

While your sales team hustles to hit their daily call target they can also look at their monthly target helping the break down their monthly goals into small bite sized achievements because with every call they make they get one step closer to finding your next customer.

3 - Find out why people are not buying your product

Offers are a key element to closing a deal. A great offer can trump out every ounce of buyers remorse that a potential customer may face before he makes his decision to purchase your product.

The CRM collects all the data from the sales funnel phase and shuttles it into chewable pieces of information about what were the top reasons for which leads did not purchase based on the data fed to the system during the selling process.

With this data in hand, offers can be changed , prices points can be dropped and new service ideas can be brainstormed on because you now have access to valuable research data.


Intelligent sales involves the use of precision tracking and the need for effective lead analysis has never been greater. With so many leads coming in to your system that have no intention to see your products transform their lives, the need for a system to analyze each and every lead based on the factors on which it was generated is of the essence.