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Ticket Management

Efficient Ticket Management

Breeze through customer queries with Kapture’s powerful ticketing dashboard. Manage a large number of tickets across multiple channels by integrating numberless communication channels all at one place-highly simplified with our seamless integration.

  • Stay on top of your ever-growing inbox with CRM ticketing system.
  • Keep a track of all inbound calls with voice tickets.
  • Manage all your social media interactions with social ticketing.
  • Directly converse with customers on the Customer Enquiry Channel with Kapture’s CRM Ticketing Tool.
  • Label tickets as High, Medium or Low and take immediate action based on the priority.
Ticket Management Dashhboard
Dispose Tickets
Dispose of tickets in one go

Dispose of your generated call tickets from the Kapture account and your third-party account in one go. Our automatically pushes all the data to your integrated account which disposes of the generated query from both ends.

Customer 360 View

Know about your customers before you start a conversation with them. View your consumers’ past interaction, history, their preferences and much more through Our CRM ticketing software. This helps you know your customers which results in more engaging and meaningful conversations.

Resolve Tickets Faster

Track the progress of your ticket right from the moment it is generated. Instantly know if any individual ticket is pending, assigned or resolved.

You can very easily reassign enquires if required and ensure that the conversation flow always remains uninterrupted. Auto-assign complex queries to team experts through smart filters. For instance, tickets that contain keywords such as “not working” or “refund” can be automatically assigned to service team experts. Auto-assigning the tickets will ensure faster ticket resolution.

AI Enabled Responses

Give your customers an experience to remember with your conversations. Automatically convert your customer queries into tickets and keep your customer base organized with relevant information that is accessible any time.

Kapture’s CRM ticketing system enables you to set automated responses to commonly asked queries. Set pre-defined templates as your response templates and focus on what’s important while ensuring that other customers don’t go unattended.

Artificial Intelligence will help decipher and process such queries, thus making your process speedy and effortless.

Set Definite Rules and Protocols for SLAs & Escalations

Set response times and create different levels of escalations via the escalation matrix. When a ticket is generated and not attended to the specified time, then the matter will be automatically escalated as defined in the matrix. This will help and ensure that no ticket is ever unattended. Never miss out on any query and provide error-free service always.