Expand to Broader Business Avenues with Sales CRM Features

Provide structure, direction and valuable insights to your sales team through Kapture Sales Cloud


Track, assign and strategize effectively with real time lead management.

Lead Scoring Features for Sales
Lead scoring, analysis and auto assignment

Analyze and assign values to each lead so that teams can only attend leads according to priority.

Pipeline Management Features for Sales
Pipeline Management

Prioritize leads based on hot, warm or cold to effectively convert them into sales.

Source Mapping Feature Sales
Source Mapping

Track leads and gain valuable insights by monitoring customer – sales agent interactions in real time.

Lead Cycle Feature Sales
Track lead cycle

Track the progress of a lead from its initiation to its conversion.

Email Triggers To Lead Features for Sales
Email triggers to lead

Regular emails about leads can help track lead progress and help nurture cold leads.

Mobile Sales

Always stay connected with the business and manage it on the go.

Customer Mapping Feature Sales
Customer mapping

Get valuable insights on nearby customers through customer mapping and acquire customer specific details like frequency of visits and transactional history.

Order and Payment Sales Feature
Order and Payment management

Increase efficiency by instantly access information like customer details, rate structures, order stats and follow up dates.

Attandance And Expense Feature
Employee Attendance & expense management

Employees can mark their attendance and also upload details of any expenses occurred on the field through the mobile CRM.

Product Catalouge Feature Sales
Refer Product catalogue & Rate plans

Access product catalogues instantly and send customized payment plans to specific customers through the mobile CRM.

Daily Plan Feature Sales
Daily plan & reporting from mobile

Sales managers can set daily field plans based on customer meetings and keep the team updated with reports through the app.

Order Management

Manage different levels of order management more efficiently.

Approval Matrix Feature Sales
Approval Matrix

Create a decision table where agents can be assigned to approve orders following pre-defined levels.

Differential Pricing Feature Sales
Differential Pricing & Rate Management

Create custom rate plans to each specific customer while updating product prices on the go.

Manage Order Feature Sales
Manage order status, delivery

Manage large orders and get detailed reports from each team till the order is delivered.

Manage Distributors Features for Sales
Manage distributors, Retailers, wholesalers

Build a database of all the distributors, retailers and wholesalers for a smooth transactional relationship.

Customer Wise Order History Features for Sales
Customer wise order history

Boost customer relations by getting instant access to relevant data that gives insights about customer purchase history.

Payments and Quotations

Hassle free payments and send custom quotation.

Send Automated Payment Notifications Feature Sales
Send automated payment notifications

Automated billing saves employees a lot of time with accurate and detailed billing.

Automatically Generate Invoice Features for Sales
Automatically Generate Invoice

Generate automated invoices and create custom pricing strategies for each customer.

Quotation Sales
Quotation Template

Create easy quotations with your company logo by using readily available templates which saves time and resources.

Discount Rates Feature Sales
Discount Rates

Reward customers based on their loyalty with customized discount rates based on their purchase history.

Payment Gateway Integration Features for Sales
Payment Gateway integration

Payment gateways can be integrated for smooth and quick payment.


Get updated on all the phases of the lead through the sales pipeline, classify leads accordingly and boost sales.

Performance Analysis Features for Sales
Performance analysis

Track the performances of employees so that managers can assess and relocate resources where they are most effective.

Ai Sales
AI based Revenue forecast

Get revenue projections powered by a smart AI which will provide the foresight needed to increase efficiency and profits.

Pipeline Assessment and Indicators Features for Sales
Pipeline assessment and indicators

The sales pipelines can be segregated to accommodate more indicators for easy understanding.


With over 500+ reporting formats available, always be notified about any developments about sales.

Report Engine Features for Sales
Report engine

Convert raw data into meaningful, actionable information which provides valuable insights.

Sales Sales
Sales Activity

Monitor sales activity by getting detailed reports of the lead from its initiation to its conversion.

Custom Reports Feature Sales
Custom Reports

A wide variety of reporting formats are available so that managers can specify and create custom reports for each stage of the sales process.