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Our Sales Lead Tracking Software that keeps a tab of your leads and priortise them.

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Have you ever wondered if your sales management software could handle full-time functionalities instead of just basic operations? With Kapture Sales CRM, you can optimize your relationship with your clients which will boost sales. Unleash your potential with our sales CRM system.

Omni-Channel Support

An all-channel support system which can receive enquiries and sales CRM leads from calls, texts, email, website, live chat and even social media. Now meet customer requirements with ease.

Integrated Sales Monitoring

You can be on top of all sales activities with our sales management tools and get updates at every stage. The integrated platform lets you stay in the loop at all times and track progress.

Easy API Compatibility

API integrations with various channels such as cloud telephony, ERP software, social media, WordPress, etc., is possible with Kapture, making it the main source for it all.

Knowledge Portal

Product information and specifications of all your profiles can be managed and stored on Kapdrive – a unified and secure cloud space.

Flawless Reporting

Our very own inbuilt hierarchy-based reporting software lets you keep up with operations of sales. Sales CRM tools facilitates receiving and managing all actions on a single dashboard.

Agent Tracking

With our GPS enabled sales team management app, you can track and record your sales agents’ activities. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage the same.

A Personalised Experience across All Clientele

Offer your clients an experience which is highly personalized, with us. It lets the user view lead details, custom workflow, deal status, etc. allowing them to access customer history from a unified dashboard.

Multiple Sales Channels
CRM Leads Sources
Enjoy Multiple Sales Channels

Now, sales opportunities will come knocking from various channels. Expect leads via call, chat, website, email and social media all on one dashboard in the sales lead management tool. You can define lead status as hot, warm or cold. The best part is that you can respond to your prospects on a channel of their preference and convenience.

Mark Leads to Their Sources

Stay on top of your lead sources by using primary, secondary and tertiary source definitions. You can find out where most potential leads come from and focus on those media specifically.

Sales Forecasts
Sales CRM Funnel
Get Proper Sales Forecasts than Ever Before

Know which leads are likely to convert. Track the progress of each deal with monthly, quarterly and yearly revenue statistics and be better prepared for future sales.

The All New Sales Funnel

Kapture’s sales funnel option is a visual representation of all data related to sales. Find out which are your upcoming sales, prospective deals and possible closures. You can predict future sales and expected turnover for a particular time cycle. The sales funnel analysis system crunches all key numbers for your perusal.

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Kapture Mobile Sales App

If you have field agents or employees whose scope is outbound, you can stay connected at all times with Kapture CRM Mobile. Your whole team can be on one network on a secure cloud-based server across different devices.

On-field Transacting Icon
Remote Access

The huge knowledge base of your company is available for access to the entire team from any remote location through the mobile application. Keep track of data and real-time updates no matter where you are.

Real-time Reports Icon
On-field Transacting

Your on-call field agent can take and start orders directly from the client location! You can manage order requests and update necessary information on the application!

Real-time Reports Icon
Real-time Reports

Live updates of reports and other data enables you to designate tasks to relevant heads without wasting time. On the Kapture CRM mobile app, daily sales agenda and task lists can be set and compared with everyday achievements. Furthermore, your app send regular updates of select tasks via email or SMS every day so you never miss out on what is going on.