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Multi-channel Sales

Kapture’s sales management software support lets you connect with your potential prospects and leads on a real-time basis. Get new leads every day across various channels – email, live chat, phone, social media, etc. You have the option of mapping the sources of all leads and define Primary, Secondary, and even Tertiary sources and get a 360 view of your leads.

Multi-channel Sales

Bring All Potential Leads Your Way

Introducing the Kapture Inbox

Your email inquiry threads can be managed on a unified cloud-based platform. Get notified about alerts, important emails, updates and reply directly from the CRM instantly. Integrating your most emailed clients with Kapture is a step away with a detailed view of every conversation available at any time. Sending promotional mailers, birthday, anniversary and other emails right from the CRM through our pre-defined and personalized email templates makes your job much easier.

Mining Your Website

Now, capture online leads through custom web forms that are embedded on your website. Integrate website forms on the lead management dashboard and the Kapture sales lead tracking software intimates you about new enquiries. You create and organize a better way of online lead management.

Up Your Social Media Game

Integrate your sales CRM system with social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to conveniently manage your social interaction and process your leads, all in one place. You can check all the updates in real-time just by logging into your dashboard. With such full and powerful integration, you can bring in more clients with effective communication right from your dashboard and even identify your potential leads, see who requires your immediate attention and provide them with answers.

Run Marketing Campaigns
Run Marketing Campaigns

Run targeted marketing and re-marketing campaigns using integrated lead management tools. You can collate and combine all relevant information about inbound leads in a single Kapture sales lead management app dashboard. This leads to maximization of your marketing ROI and opens more avenues for faster closures.

Go Mobile

Save time by making one-tap calls with Kapture’s CRM Mobile app. It gives every detail of your potential lead and saves all your data. All the details are available within the CRM and you never miss a single call. You could greet every customer with their first name adding a personal touch every time you call a customer. If you enable Cloud Telephony API integration, it lets you listen to every call ever made. With amazing and seamless call routing capabilities you can easily manage both inbound and outbound calls with ease.

Use Live Chat

Increase your team’s productivity with Kapture’s AI powered chat application. Once you set automated responses to commonly asked queries, optimise your resolution time and create faster query resolution, live chat can act as a powerful filter for reassigning leads. Assign or allocate multiple tickets to just one free agent and let the chat AI deal with the generic tickets while said agent is resolving the high priority tickets.

Partner Sites

Kapture sales CRM tools let you track and record leads received from affiliate and partner websites on a unified cloud dashboard. No longer do you have to maintain multiple tabs, instead you can combine all lead sources on a single dashboard.

Partner Sites