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A.I.R.A. (Artificially Intelligent Robotic Assistance)

An Intuitive Chat Bot that helps you Increase productivity by up to 40%

Automate responses and help resolve commonly asked questions using live chat CRM. It helps your team in gathering information from customers in real-time.

Deliver the right responses to your customers in lightning quick time based on their situations. Make your conversations more meaningful with AI enabled live chat systems. Close more deals and generate quality leads. With an advanced chat routing system, your team can make sure that all generated chats/queries are routed to the right team member and helps in an increased conversion rate.

A.I.R.A. helps you:

  • Experience extensive Machine Learning
  • Respond to queries in real-time
  • Establish 24/7 live chat assistance
  • Automate replies― monitored by a live agent to ensure quality response
  • Improve interactions and responses with proprietary Machine Learning algorithms
  • Furnish personalised response templates that are contextual
  • Integrate with existing systems for seamless experience
internal communication

Allow your team to be more productive by identifying your team’s response-speed to assess quality and productive communications. Manage agent shifts, assign and route chats through keyword tagging, check all customer support representatives availability via live agent dashboard; all on the chat system software.

Raise and classify chats based on source, type, query, and priority, and simply assign them to the appropriate teams with an escalation matrix to avoid delayed response. Set escalation timer to priority type chats and define protocols when the escalation matrix is breached.

Get instant notifications of chats, identify the source, reply & deliver an awesome Omni channel chat experience. Empower your agents with machine learning recommendations based on the generated queries and automate your different workflows with improved SLAs in no time.
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FAQ Chat Integration

Integrate FAQs to your live chat ticketing system and allow AIRA to respond to any chat. Our smart Machine Learning quickly identifies the query type and searches for the exact keyword match and responds to the generated query using the knowledge from the FAQs. Create FAQs through Kapture’s Knowledge Base and integrate it with Kapture Chat to get more proper and relevant replies with the most native experience.

Machine Learning

With the help of Machine Learning, the system identifies the queries and provides auto-suggestions which help agents answer questions in a better way and provide solutions quicker than ever. As soon as an enquiry is generated, the system predicts and shows relevant suggestions. Just by clicking on the auto-suggestions, you can give instant replies and resolve queries within a matter of seconds.

order management
automated response
Help Your Team with an In-built Knowledge Base

Keep help ready to resolve all complex issues. With an enriched library of videos, manuals, FAQs and articles, deliver instant support regarding product usage, installation, troubleshooting demos, etc. Provide fitting orientation and adequate training to new members of the support team through an in-built knowledge base and make them ground ready from day one. Get unlimited storage for product images, video files, product brochures and SOPs. Share any file with customers or your team member internally with just one click and have multiple version controls.


Ensure that your customers are finding solutions for their queries even if an agent is not available. Automate and resolve customer queries through Machine Learning and provide faster resolutions without any fuss. When a chat is generated, the Machine Learning enabled live chat system for website predicts and generates auto-responses, relevant to the queries.

Self-Serve Dashboard
Assign Tickets to Relevant Teams

Verify that the visitors to your website are connected to the right department for efficient performance. Manage multiple departments based on chat type and distribute chats across various teams and departments. Through keyword tagging, Kapture Chat ensures that every generated chat is going to the right department at the right time to reduce waiting time and to enhance customer experience.

analytics.png analytics
Detailed Analytics

Keep track of your chat volume and view total chats v/s answered chats, missed chats, priority based chats like High, Medium and Low, agent availability reports, monitor agent productivity in real-time, and much more in 500+ report formats.

Live Chat Detailed Analytics
Plug 'N' Play
Online Chat Software


Give your users a native and consistent experience by simply downloading the required SDK file for Desktop and mobile for in-app chat support. It is just one click of a button away.

Online Chat Software


Boost your customer engagement experience through live chat CRM and in-app messaging. Kapture’s chat SDK doesn’t call for any coding assistance which means you can customize your chat any coding.

Online Chat Software


Our chat integrates within minutes with a new interface as well as with the existing systems, so you can get started right away. Make your play right away.