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Lead Management

New enquiries can easily be streamlined from diverse social channels to a unified cloud-based dashboard. You can view all contacts, detailed company history and also monitor all interactions. Different sources of leads such as emails, calls, web-forms, marketing campaigns, channel partners are collectively shown on a single dashboard.

Real-time updates of each prospect can be tracked on Kapture’s sales lead management tool with the added advantage of supervising each lead at every step.

Lead Management Software
Email Leads

The sales CRM leads via email show up on the Dashboard. You can respond to them individually and manage threads directly from there. Handle all prospective customers on the cloud-enabled server.

Leads from Marketing Campaigns

You can run targeted marketing campaigns and re-marketing campaigns to capture inbound lead information. Incoming leads from Marketing Campaigns enable you to maximize your Marketing Returns on Investment and achieve more conversions.

Leads from Partner Sites

Say goodbye to multiple tabs by channeling leads coming from affiliate and partner sites on to a unified dashboard.

Leads from the Website

It is possible to capture online leads from custom website forms integrated on the sales CRM system. All enquiries that are made on a website are made available on the dashboard for your lead management plans.

Phone Call Leads

Cloud Telephony API integration is just one of the sales CRM features. Leads arrive on the Dashboard letting you attend phone calls and form replies to conversations on the cloud.

Leads from Social media

Be it queries, comments, messages or enquiries coming from social media platforms, every communication gets converted into a lead and can be managed on one Dashboard to convert to a prospective client.

Lead Assignment Feature
Lead Assignment Feature
Enable Early Closure of Leads

The sales lead tracking software lets you assign incoming leads to the dedicated sales reps, sorted by lead type, so that every lead receives rapt attention. When leads are assigned to the best person, fast closure is possible and good customer service is guaranteed.

Create Enquiry Forms
Make Quality Lead Conversion Your Primary Goal

Building your own custom web enquiry forms is now Easy. You can use said forms to collect detailed customer information and in-depth requirements. All of this gets organized on one Dashboard for you to view easily.

Create Enquiry Forms
Prioritized Lead Qualification
Prioritized Lead Qualification
Delegate Leads Which Merit High Attention

The sales lead management app renders a list of available leads along with specific information about each lead. Assign leads into buckets of Hot, Warm or Cold and take action accordingly. By identifying the leads that carry promise of high revenue, you pursue them first. The decision of prioritizing one lead over the others now lies in your hands.

Perfect the Lead Nurturing Process
Making Clients out of Leads

Our Lead Management Platform enables a long-term targeted lead nurturing process through a trigger-based email delivery system to engage your customer base. Increase chances of Conversion by perfecting Lead Nurturing.

Lead Nurturing Process
Lead History
Access Enquiry/Lead History
Understand Your Prospects Inside-Out

You can view Customer Interaction History on the sales management software up to and including mails exchanged, calls made, quotations generated and notes/remarks attached all in one place. This lets you gain in-depth insights into your prospects by studying enquiry history. This will let you serve your clients better.

Add Enquiry Filters
Gather Information Based on Need

On the sales management system, get more details about your leads by filtering them by products, sources, contacts, zones or assignees. The dashboard is where you can group and priorities them. View the status of leads and add or remove enquiries from there directly.

Enquiry Filters
Graphical Reports
Generate Detailed Graphical Reportss
Get 360-degree Lead Performance Reports

Prepare in-depth analytics about your leads with Smart Lead Performance Reports. You can compare Lead Performance v/s Assigned Employee, products, lead/prospect type, custom time periods, and more right from the application. These statistics offer a 360-degree visualization of any request and assist in performance evaluation, among other things.

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