The FMCG CRM that Your Company

Our CRM for FMCG Companies brings you the features that make sales management simpler

CRM for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Industry

FMCG is an industry on its own and it is quite differently structured when compared to a typical retail setup. The reorder rates are higher and the inventory is huge. The sales volume differ and management can be a lot trickier. Manage your extensive and dense distribution system, orders, inventory and payments all through one platform.

Your products on cloud
Product Catalog

CRM for FMCG companies lets you create a detailed multi-level product catalogue with SKUs, enriched media library, product descriptions and instructions. Not only that, you can send your catalogues to any lead, customer or agent directly from the CRM.

Remote Access

Allow your field representatives to access the product catalogue remotely and dig into relevant product information when required, on field. The cloud based server secures all data and is available everywhere.

Offers & Updates

Send instant mobile notifications to distributors and retailers about ongoing promotions, exclusive offers, important updates, schemes etc. Keep your field force equipped with the latest product information to attract new orders.

your products
Your distributor – Retailer network

Categorise customers into different profiles – distributor, retailer, stockist or super stockist. Also add data to each customer profile like multiple contacts, multiple branches, and credit limits, etc. Having many varied profiles makes your job easier in the future and saves time while refilling an order.

distributor profile

FMCG CRM enables having a login system, which is optional, where you can allow your distributors/ retailers to get their personal logins and place orders, raise issues directly from their mobiles. Hassle-free order taking is the key to more sales. Also, with such convenience, they will never go back to their former ways.

distibutor login

Create custom rate plans for distributors and ensure all orders are placed at their set rates. Your sales reps need not have to remember all these different rates for each order as the CRM tools for FMCG industry will automatically take all new orders as per the pre-set rates. Tariff management goes to a whole new level with Kapture CRM.

rate card

Know which distributor holds how much inventory in which warehouse. Even better, Kapture CRM can auto-send reminder messages to them for new orders when the inventory goes below minimum levels. This kind of extended service will make your clients dependent on you and only you, which means increased sales and greater revenue.

inventory level

Adding zones to our distributors/retailers not just allows you to see the spread of your network clearly, but also lets your zone-wise sales rep manage their respective zone distributors and retailers seamlessly. For a smoother distribution management system, choose an FMCG CRM which does all the heavy lifting for you.

geographical zones

All important data such as past meetings, interactions, orders, payments, complaints, returns, stock and other relevant customer data too are easily accessible from their individual accounts. The CRM has an unlimited cloud storage on a secure server which can hold any amount of information.

customer history

When your customer directory is on the cloud, your sales reps can get an inside view of customer’s location, pending payments, pending orders or any past complaints right from their mobile. CRM for FMCG companies brings you the whole work experience in your palms of your hands.

mobile access
Beat Plans

Employ a systematic flow to daily field visits with the beat planner. Create a well-established beat plan with distributor timings and tasks and allow your sales reps to access their daily plans on their mobiles.

beat plan
Route Map Tracking

When you need to be sure that your sales reps are on their decided beat plan and have accomplished the set tasks, simply track the route of their journey, from start to finish, through route map tracking.

route-map tracker

The attendance pop-up is the first thing your sales reps see when they log into the Kapture CRM mobile app. As soon as the attendance is marked, it will reflect the time and geo-tag in the central database. The FMCG CRM system can also push this data to the HR team directly.

Expense Management

The app allows your sales reps to submit their daily field expenses – conveyance, refreshments or anything else – on the CRM app. This is far more preferable to sending separate mails for collection of reimbursement.

GPS Tracking

Not sure where your sales reps are at the moment? Open the real-time GPS tracker dashboard and quickly get access to each sales rep’s real time locations with geo-tagging. Enjoy privileged access to this view. So, giving them updates when they are on the field is just a click away.

gps tracking
Mobile Notifications

A deviation in plan? Update your sales reps’ beat plans from the office and notify them while they are still on field. They get notified instantly and can change their plans accordingly.

The major underlying feature that sales heads will like is the lack of dependence on others. He or she can get all this data from the CRM software without any delays.

Orders & Payments on the go

Create new distributors, retailers, agents and add new orders or update old ones – everything in a jiffy with the our CRM mobile app. No more waiting to login at work to get stuff done. You can operate fast and smooth right from your phone.

Add New Orders

Kapture’s CRM for FMCG companies allows you to create new distributors, add new orders or update old ones while on-the-go. A process so simple, almost like how you shop online these days.

View Order Status

See your order’s real-time status through the order pipeline – whether order is raised, received quotes, invoice sent or dispatched. Also, review past orders and their pending payments instantly through the mobile app.

Collect Payments

Add payment information with pictures of cheques as collected by sales reps during field visits. Kapture’s sync will reflect the updated payment status in the central database.

Order tracking

See your orders move through the various stages of the pipeline, customised as per your business format. Know when your order was placed, approved, processed and when it was dispatched. Keep a tab on all of your orders and don’t let gaps in your internal system blind your decision-making process.

Order Placement

Whether through mobile input or through calls/ mails, place orders quickly. The FMCG CRM facilitates fast and accurate order placement, within minutes.

Order Approval

Check the availability of all kinds of stock before each order is finally approved. Make alterations accordingly, if needed.

Order Processing

This shows only the orders that are to be processed and dispatched post approval. Order processing directly from the CRM is a plus.

Order Dispatching

Once the order is dispatched, everyone gets notified of the same. There are no gaps to fill here. Real-time updates of orders make for better service later.

order tracking
Complaint & Feedback system

Be it feedback on your product or grievances about your supply system, hear it out. Allow your distributors/retailers to communicate with you easily through any channel of their preference. Have all interactions unified under one single inbox.


Multi-channel Feedback System


Instant chat through Mobile app


Feedback/Complaint Gets converted


Tickets get auto attached to relevant order