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With Ecommerce CRM Solutions

CRM Tools for Ecommerce can provide you the means to deal with
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CRM for Ecommerce Companies

Boost your team’s efficiency by using powerful e-commerce integrations and provide quicker solutions. CRM for ecommerce can make your business grow stronger and more organised from the get go.

Perfect integration with your existing e-commerce platform

Kapture CRM tools for ecommerce have the ability to integrate seamlessly with your existing ecommerce platform. You can obtain all relevant customer information and order status of each order all consolidated into one inbox. There will be no need to replace your existing systems as Kapture can work well or even better with other systems in place.

perfect integrations
integrate your own mobile app
Integrate your very own mobile app

With flawless app integration, you can upgrade your support system and make your business mobile. Having a control of your affairs when you are out on the field is a significant aspect of any business operation and you can do just that with CRM for mobile.

Mobile App Chat

With CRM, you can provide instant support in real-time. Live chat on mobile means you can get requests of enquiries or cancellations on-the-go and you can act right away.

Give Instant Support

Solve real-time issues without any delay. It is proven that you can increase the chances of your customers’ booking by providing them instant support. Everybody likes being prioritised and now you will be able to.

Pull Customer data

Ecommerce CRM software automatically obtain all your customer data from one database so that you have insights to customer information and previous interactions or customer order history.

Sell more with live web chat

The live chat support enables your team to sell more. Strategise to make users’ shopping experience smoother by effective up-sell and cross-sell strategies; this will also boosts visitors to the site or the app. This feature easily integrates with the existing live chat plugins also.

sell more with

Set auto-assign or manually assign your tickets to another team member. The ecommerce CRM tool facilitates auto-assignation of tickets to available agents when other agents are busy or on unavailable. Moreover, it can also be set to assign tickets on a round-robin basis so that it is random and completely fair.


Access a clutter free inbox and get a filtered view of tickets assigned to you/your team only. Apply various filters to see specialised or marked enquiries. You can choose to look at specific lists such as Facebook tickets or Chat enquiries. You can also filter by date, time, location, zone, etc. for a more in-depth search.


Checking real time status of each ticket whether closed or pending is a piece of cake. Tickets go through the usual processes of being assigned and transferred and resolved. You can get full details of each ticket right from your dashboard.

Customer info

Access basic customer information such as history, interactions, orders, requests, complaints, issues, tickets using ecommerce CRM solutions. Any time there is an interaction with a customer, be it on any channel, it is recorded on the database.

customer info
Notes & Details

Deep dive into each ticket and learn the details of each case. Add notes to each ticket for future reference. This can be useful especially in case of transfer of tickets so that the next agent can pick from where you left off.

Data at your fingertips

Add notes to each ticket for future reference.

Data at your fingertips

Manage all your customer data in one dashboard instead of handling multiple tabs. You will have the ability to answer calls, interact via live chat and reply to emails with insights about past interactions and customer shopping history for hassle-free customer interaction.

Customer & Order Details

An ecommerce CRM system can flash customer details on your screen every time a call comes in. Your team\0 can be well prepared in advance to take up the call. Know everything about the customer’s latest order, shipping address, mode of payment, refund status and other important details readily available on the dashboard.

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past interactions
Past Interactions

Keep track of customers past information like previous orders placed, exchange requests, refunds filed, complaints and so on within a single-screen view. Ensure quick query resolution times with such handy information.

Easy integration with major logistical partners

Kapture can easily adapt to any existing API providing you with a smooth transition. It integrates with logistical solutions so that your agents are well equipped to handle any query pertaining to delivery status, delivery time and other issues regarding orders. This helps your team greatly decrease response time while interacting with the customers.

Alerts and Escalation Matrix

Identify loop holes and reduce turnaround time with an efficient escalation system. The best CRM software for ecommerce is here to alert support agents and remind them of pending or unattended tickets. Get valuable insights through a filtered view by attending tickets that require your immediate attention. Kapture CRM has the ability to auto-escalate tickets to team leaders and managers if a ticket hasn’t been attended for a long time. This creates a sense of accountability within the support team.

alerts escalation
knowledge base
Knowledge Base

With a vast library of videos, manuals, FAQs and articles, providing training and instant support becomes a lot easier. This helps in trouble shooting problems in real time and keep your support team always prepared to handle any kind of situations by referring to the customer interaction history.