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Booking Engine

Manage multiple bookings through a single log-in. Easily manage inventory levels, fare codes, taxes and channel partners on one dashboard tailor-made for the cruise industry.

booking engine
Lead Sources

Get an overview of all your booking sources and the revenue generated by them. Optimise your key performance drivers and map your customers’ booking journey.


Map all your leads from the website based on advertising campaigns, offers and several other sources like website forms, chat enquiries, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


A cruise management system offers real-time chat features with CRM integration which will ensure that no enquiries are missed out and conversions happen quickly. The chat UI is user-friendly with AI enabled responses for faster resolutions.


Easily integrate all your online travel agents and manage rates and inventory centrally through our rich APIs. Third-party partners can collaborate with Kapture to provide your agents a much easier interface.

Channel Partners

We help you manage multiple channel partners from a single interface. Offer them custom rates, allocate inventory, channelize revenue and do a lot more. Finally, the cruise management software that everyone can get behind.

Rate Card & Fare Code Management

Attach custom rate cards to individual travel agents & inventory distributors.

  • Automatically assign rate cards and fare codes to channel partners/travel portals.
  • Set tax rates, discount limits and payment schedules.
  • Deliver the same in-desired templates with brand letterheads as per cruise guidelines.
  • Integrate payment gateway links for one-click payments and download of payment receipts.
  • Through the power of AI, manage fares across networks quickly. Make an informed decision about where to add or discount price. We use market data to analyse and help you make the optimal pricing decision.
  • Enable/Disable fare codes on the dashboard, assign them across and set a date range.
Reservation Management

Integrate multiple sources of bookings to one inbox, stay updated with each guest conversation for a hassle-free reservation and a flawless support system.

  • Stay on the top of all queries.
  • Reduce the time taken for each employee to close cases.
  • Automatic synchronisation of all booking portals.
  • Automatic synchronisation of calendars.
  • Occupancy calendar.
  • Create a consistent experience for your guests for better client retention.
Dynamic Pricing

You have the option to enable dynamic pricing to maximise revenue optimisation. Profile your guests as per their purchase history and stay details to provide them with attractive offers. Manage your revenue based on past data and forecast your current occupancy levels.

dynamic pricing
API’s and Third Party Portal Integration

Kapture’s cruise booking software has rich, ready-to-use APIs enable you to integrate with multiple cruise booking portals. This ensures quicker implementation of cruise management software for you. Manage multiple booking requests from multiple sources and serve them efficiently.

Sales Management

Manage corporate sales with travel & cruise management software. You can also handle channel partners, quotes, discounts and daily plans through mobile and desktop both. The mobile app assists sales teams in providing real-time updates and sending quotes and group deals when you are on the move. Monitor your pipeline and stay updated about cabin occupancy.

sales management dashboard
Enquiry Management

Align all enquiries from multiple platforms onto a single user-friendly dashboard. Get to know the sources as well as their status to instantly assign and resolve queries.

  • Integrate multiple enquiry sources all at once – Offline Media, Phone, Website, Email, OTAs and Social Media
  • Offline Media, Phone, Website, Email, OTA’s, Social Media
  • Detailed enquiry page for each enquiry
  • Assign enquiries to the cruise line team
  • Create a follow-up action at any stage
  • Predefined templates for instant replies
  • Track the progress of each enquiry
  • Dig deep to get a historical view of each enquiry
  • Sales forecasting tool
enquiry management
Sales Actions

Easily get a bird’s eye view of all sales activity on the cruise booking engine software and get automated updates regarding your next sales action so you can effortlessly close any sales deal.

  • Get an excellent single-point view of queries
  • Alerts and reminders for follow-ups
  • View entire transaction history to classify your leads
  • Customise your sales pitches with more data about the lead
  • Label each guests based on type and priority and pitch to them accordingly
  • Assign an elite cruise team for VIP guests
  • Set meeting patterns and custom rate plans against each guests and assign tasks for the guest care team
  • Manage multiple call centre teams on a single platform
sales actions
Channel Manager
  • Collaborate with tool operators
  • Multiple OTA configuration
  • Prevent double bookings
  • Manage, update and modify plans through a single platform for all your channel partners
  • Automatically update inventory across all channels in real-time
  • Manage all third-party transactions, credit, debit notes, payment cycles, etc.
  • Third-party portal integrations
channel manager
Payment & Collection

Easily automate all collection tasks so your cruise management international staff can focus more on important financial reports. Effortlessly send payment gateway links to potential prospects and flawlessly manage multiple payment orders based on customer segments.

  • Keep track of all payments made for the cruise
  • Create payment schedules
  • Set up automatic payment follow-ups and reminders
  • Set payment credit limits to individual guests
  • Integrate with any accounting software with API capabilities
Customer Support

Get ready for smooth sailing even during restless tides. Simplify your cruise line operations by effectively streamlining guest management processes with our uniquely designed and well-tailored support cruise CRM. Kapture’s support CRM does an extraordinary job of handling customer details, enquiries, historical data, feedback, and complain. Its functionalities allow you to add customer contact details for future references.

customer support dashboard
Customer 360 View

Fantastic Omni-channel support for websites, booking portals, live chat and call centres.

Know everything about your customer even before you speak to them as our customer 360 window shows you the entire record of a guest’s interaction– whether via call, chat, email or even a social media channel. View their past cruise history and preferences on a single dashboard.

customer 360 view
Guest Management

Manage guest relations by assigning elite cruise team to VIP guests, allocating custom rate plans, based on their spending habits and by auto-delivering souvenirs during birthdays or anniversaries. Enjoy the flexibility of upselling add-ons to their package right from the cruise ship management software.

guest management
Interaction Management

All emails/calls/chats received from customers are automatically assigned based on priority tickets for faster query resolution. The interactions are easily visible on a single dashboard which provides for greater business transparency and accountability. Agents can view them with one single click and resolve them quickly. It opens the door for easy booking confirmations and cancellations.

Multiple email addresses from various affiliates or subsidiaries are coagulated to a single inbox for the easy handling of queries. The cruise line team can see all emails from multiple departments but can configure in such a way that only administration assistants are able to edit or modify it.

interaction management
SLAs and Escalations

Monitor key SLAs, agent productivity, call, chat, email and any social media ticket status on the unified dashboard. Analyse key issues and escalations quickly and have custom workflows created on the cruise management software to deal with them. Internally collaborate with multiple departments to resolve multiple tickets faster and enhance customer service.

slas and escalation
Feedback Management

Encourage guests to send feedback and complaints through multiple feedback channels such as call centre, chats, websites and third-party social media sites. Have all customer interactions at your fingertips and easily open, assign, resolve and close tickets.

Knowledge Base

Upload all work flow information, frequently asked questions, product details neatly tagged in our Knowledge Management Base. Give quicker resolutions by referring to the archived information.

Business Intelligence

Optimise your decisions by using the cruise management system's intelligence to forecast demand, cabin occupancy levels, pricing matrix based on historical data and market driven changes. Understand when to discount or which package to promote more with the help of the innovative technology.

business intelligence
Cutting Edge Analytics

As the system integrates with multiple channels of bookings, customer interaction touch-points, booking APIs and marketing channels, it provides analytics on multiple functions of your business such as marketing campaign performance, revenue analysis, call centre productivity and more.

cutting edge analystics
Report Engine

Get over 500+ graphical reports just by clicking on the desired parameters. Choose your own parameters to get desired reports according to your team needs. Find patterns in your existing business model and make changes as and when required.

report engine
Advanced Fare & Rate Management

The smart AI-enabled business intelligence technology performs complex operations of predictive analysis. The smart system predicts customers’ future transactions using past booking data. It also helps in predicting the offers/discounts that can help accelerate sales. All the information is stored and updated on a real-time basis to perform complex financial analysis and also analyse ROIs.

advanced fare and rate management