The CRM Data for 2020 speaks volumes about how well businesses and customers have adapted to the software. The main motto as we all know is to build strong relationships with customers. As they say, reliable and good service is what customers would need from their favourite brands. Lauren Freedman’s words ring true at the age of fast and digital service: “Customers remember the service a lot longer than they remember the price.”

Customer Service Software is one of the fastest-growing software markets now. Businesses seem to be moving towards this method because it automates the whole CRM process. As per a Grand View Research report, the CRM software industry is expected to hit $80 billion by 2025. The 600% increase from a $14 billion industry in 2010 is enough proof of how well-received CRM software is.

Deliver the Best Customer Service with the Help of Service CRM

Service CRM Software is basically used by support agents or teams in getting a 360-degree view of the customers they communicate with. The software gives them an idea about the customer’s relationship with the business.

A service CRM software is touted as a life-saver as it lets agents handle multiple tasks under a uniquely designed unified dashboard. It equips your team to solve tickets in a shorter period of time and efficiently. The Service CRM features vary from Live Chat, Social Media Integration, Mobile Ticketing, Email, Calls and Customer Feedback.

Here Is a Lowdown into the Important Features Kapture’s Service CRM Provides Your Business:

Digitally Empowered Customer Service

When a customer raises a ticket, a support agent can view the person’s previous interaction with customer care, past purchases or transactions with the business as well. The unique dashboard gives you the possibility of doing this and in turn, could solve the ticket faster.

Solve Tickets in Bulk

An agent can be assigned with a huge number of tickets and CRM Ticketing System makes your task simpler. The software can sort, assign, resolve and even delete tickets in one single click. This saves an agent’s time in prioritizing tickets as well.


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Arrange Your Tickets as Per Its Priority

A clutter-free inbox is what an agent needs to sort and arrange the tickets he or she receives. This can be done with the help of tags and folders under the same inbox. This, in turn, will help the agent to provide attention to tickets that need immediate answers.

Instant Alerts

The software can provide you with instant alerts on tickets that have been unattended for a said period of time. This will escalate issues to senior managers in solving the ticket as soon as possible.

It is evident that CRM Customer Service and Support has all the tools in integrating tickets under the same dashboard. The software simplifies an agent’s work by reducing repetitive tasks and automating responses for tickets that could be done with. Service CRM is designed as an integrated helpdesk system that brings down repetition for both customers and agents.

The Omnichannel support system gives a customer the option of raising a query through multiple platforms and look for a fast answer to it.

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