An average adult is said to use their mobile for three hours every day, as per an Emarketer report. This is a huge chunk of a person’s day given that you juggle this along with your personal and work life. With the rapid growth in mobile and internet usage, let’s take a look into the importance of a Mobile CRM app these days.  The sales and field force of business are out on the field meeting potential clients or customers and that amplifies the importance of a Mobile CRM Software.

What is Mobile CRM Software?

Mobile Relationship Management or Mobile CRM is specifically designed for mobile or tablet devices. The first and foremost plus of having a customised Mobile CRM software is to let your sales team in accessing real-time data. This could be helpful while they are in the field meeting potential clients and customers. A CRM Mobile App gives your sales team access to customer data with the help of cloud CRM.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile CRM?

A huge majority of people are totally dependent on their mobile phones to complete day to day tasks. The CRM Mobile App has been beneficial for the sales team to understand customer preferences with the data that could be available. This makes the sales process efficient and increases the productivity of a sales team. Businesses get to access the customer’s information with the help of Mobile CRM software as and when needed.


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Let Us Dig Deeper into the Benefits of Mobile CRM Software:

 1. The app can give immediate access to a business regarding information of their customers.

 2. Research has claimed that 65% plus of sales reps who used Mobile CRM apps have seen an increase in sales.

 3. The app makes it easier for sales reps to directly communicate with customers. This improves the trust customers will have on a business.

Why is Mobile CRM Important for Small Businesses?

A Mobile CRM Software will serve multiple purposes at one go. The app equips a business, irrespective of its size with the possibility of increased productivity.

1. Boosts the Productivity

The idea of being able to add any information to a customised app saves the time of every business. The Mobile CRM app lets you access all the contacts and organisations that are important to your business. It could also track the sales pitches that have to be made to prospective customers/clients or update the progress of complete pitches.

2.  Easy and Simplified User Interface

Small business owners need not worry about the complexity of the CRM app they would like to use. It’s custom-designed and is easy to access and use. The need for an unwanted number of features can be avoided as per the business’s requirements or criteria. All the CRM functions can be reached out from a common dashboard as soon as you open the app.

We cannot deny the importance of mobile devices and the role it plays in our lives. It is moulding our method of communication and incorporating it easily into our daily routine. This is proof that a Mobile CRM software can work wonders for your business. Go digital!

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