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Let’s dive right into why your business can be on the cusp of scale.

If you’ve been paying close attention to the live chat trend on websites, you would have noticed that only a few of them have this plugged into their home page.

In fact, recent studies show that only 9% of businesses have enabled a live chat systems on their home page.

But if you’re feeling clueless about how a Live chat CRM can help your business rack in extra dough. This blog post is going to show you how.

Whether you’re a one-man army or have a small team of 3 to 5 employees who wear multiple hats, this live chat system blog will show you how to….



STEP #1 – Set up a welcome template

In this day and age with every single minute throwing distractions our way – human beings have never been more unfocused.

Added to this is the fact that if your website fails to grab a user’s attention in the first few seconds of their arrival, chances of a customer bounces off your website and never making a purchase from you again are quite high.

However, with a live chat welcome template, we can create a magic welcome chat pop up that is triggered a few seconds after the visitor arrives into your website.

This one line should be your first contact with the customer.

Look we are not looking to impress him or have him buy from us all we need to do is get him to tell us how we could help him.

From there on we catch the main pain point he is trying to solve.


STEP #2 – Get the Main Pain Point

Ok, let’s imagine, a customer is browsing a website selling formal shirts.

While scrolling he sees a chat icon pop up that says, “Hey there, I can see you are looking for a formal shirt can I help you pick something out”

We can call this chatbot the virtual salesman.

The visitor begins engaging with the chatbot.

We then trigger another response that says, “Awesome, can I know what size are you looking for.?”

Customer replies.

Chatbot – “Ok cool, are you looking for a slim fit or a regular fit.”

Customer replies

Chatbot – “Ok, great we can help you out there, finally may I know what price range you are looking for?”

Customer replies

Chatbot knows now it’s time to close.

So the chatbot then connects the user to a live agent, who is tasked with closing this sale.

Since every pain point of –the size and style information has been generated, companies can use this research as copywriting material to convince a larger quantity of visitors to make their first purchase.


STEP #3 – It’s time to share rich media

Now we have the prospect in our grasp.

We unleash a few links to landing pages where his formal shirt is there.

This not only improves your chance of converting but also makes this bot engagement a habit, which is by far the most important piece of evidence in your road towards bigger and better sales.

If you want to go one step further Say, ‘Look here friend I just got some shirts from Australia, they cost $49 but I can give you a coupon that offers you a 40% discount.”

Customer responds.

Imagine if he says yes, we directly sell it to him

If he says no we run looping patterns to determine why he is not ready to make a purchase yet.



A study found that when live chat system software, phone support, email and social media were compared, live chat was the resounding winner, as 42% of customers voted for it. This means that not only do customers expect to use a live chat, but their buying intentions are higher when they engage with a chat.

This can be seen in another study that found 63% of people who visited a website once, became returning visitors simply because they had engaged with the bot.

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