How to improve customer experience and customer relationships with CRM software

Customer Relationship Management With CRM Software

A recent study by Gartner found that the key driving factor in making a purchase for 64% of customers is based on whether or not they can expect satisfactory customer experience.

Before making a purchase, customers need to be certain about your ability to offer prompt, timely, effective support when and where they need it.

A helpdesk CRM software helps you unify all your support communication channels into one unified inbox.

So if you haven’t yet invested in a helpdesk software, now is the time.

But in this blog post let’s talk about how you can set up your helpdesk software for maximum support success so that you can enhance your overall customer experience.

How can you create the support touchpoints that leaves behind clues of reliability that you will be there for your customer?

Let’s find out about this by looking at;




1 – Chat Automation

Look when a customer lands on your website, whether he is already a buyer or is a prospect, the first thing that he notices from his peripherals is your live chat icon.

This notion is confirmed by a study which found that 75% customers prefer a live chat because of its instant response.

Now, how do you set up the live chat software so that the customer walks away from his interaction with you with his mind elated with the awesome service you just provided?

Simple Implement chat automation.

Chat automation does two things;

1 – It uses machine learning assisted responses – to frequently asked questions.

2 – On the other hand in case the chat automation is unable to respond to the query raised by the customer – it automatically connects the customer to a live agent.

This experience offers the customer guided steps towards resolution and makes him believe that your chat system is always there to assist him.


2 – Offer Self Service Portals

Now circling back to the live chat scenario, let’s assume a customer has a query about technical support.

It’s 4AM in the morning and you have no one at your support desks.

How do you ensure that this customer doesn’t feel frustrated that there is no agent to help him?

Here’s how.

You take your frequently asked questions and turn into a self-service portal, where customer find workflows and used case scenario that guide them in self-service.

The chat system recognizes keywords related to the right self-service article and offers the customer links so he can look up the exact steps needed to sort out his issue.


3 – Set up Ticket prioritization

The helpdesk CRM tools gives you the option to set up keyword filters that flag tickets as High priority queries.

In the case of order refunds, or cancellations, the helpdesk software would recognize these keywords and auto tag it as a high priority ticket.

Once it has been tagged it is assigned to the next available agent. These keyword filters can be assigned to specific platforms as well.

For example you can have a set of keyword filters for tickets arriving from chat and another set of keyword filters for tickets arriving from email.

Added to this you can also set up a specific task queue of agents who are dedicated to this folder.

This puts agents on these tickets as soon as it is flagged ensuring the customer is helped at the earliest.


4 – SLA’S and Escalations

By setting up SLA’S or service level agreements, you are setting up a timer that is triggered as soon as a ticket is generated.

Once this happens agents need to respond to this ticket before time runs out.

In cases where this SLA is breached you can reroute the ticket to higher management.

You can even set up text and email reminders to agents alerting them on a ticket that has been generated.

These escalation messages can be customized as well.


5 – Ensure that your support centre links are clearly visible


You have got to have your contact-us/ help and support links clearly visible on your website and mobile application.

The ideal way to insert this into your UI is to have a help option in the navigation menu and in the footer.

You can add a link to FAQ’S in the footer as well.

You can have a chat icon pop up as soon as a visitor arrives on your website.

But most importantly once you received a ticket, your turn around times ideally should be within 48 hours.

This ensures that customers are not left frustrated by your lack of communication.



A helpdesk software is the perfect Customer relationship management tool that you can incorporate into your business.

It can be plugged into all your communication platforms so that you have a 360 degree contact system with your customers.

Kapture’s customer relationship management software helps businesses handle a large volume of tickets on daily basis while still creating a high quality customer experience.

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