Customer support with live chat system

A study by Hubspot found that consumers expects to have an agent assisting them in less than 10 minutes form when they get in touch with support.

Another study by Kayako Live found that 41% customers preferred to contact support mainly via a chat software as compared to other forms of support

Now as you see the support needle moving closer towards chatbots resolving customer queries, through conversation UI designed to assist customers in either;

    1. Resolving their own queries
    2. Conversing with a live agent over chat.


Only 9% of Businesses Presently have a live chat system enable on their website.

Only 9% of businesses have enabled a live chat on their website.

The glaring gap between what the customer prefers (live chat) and what company’s offer in terms of support means, the battlefield is wide open for you to take down your competition with an automated chat system.

But this is not enough, you also need Kapture CRM’S chat system checklist to ensure you can set up your live chat to maximize ticket resolution in minimum time


Kapture CRM’S Checklist to enhancing customer support with a Live chat system

To paint a clearer picture of how to set up a chat system for maximum effectiveness, we will using Kapture’s Live chat system as a muse.


The keys to enhancing support experience with Live Chat

Step 1: Set up folders

The first step to creating a world class chat experience, is to first segregate your support team into departments.

Set up folders

For example if a company were selling domain names, hosting and email marketing, they would create one folder for each of these products.

Why you ask?

Because based on the department you choose, you can create default welcome messages and conversation templates around this specific product.


Step 2: Set up task queues

Task queues are agents that are added to the folder you just created. When a chat ticket is created and assigned to a specific folder, agents who are part of this task queue will get notified on a new chat query.

Set up Task Queues

Why does this help?

You can have a bunch of agents who are trained in specific products and add these helpdesk agents to your folder. This not only results in faster resolution but will also yield higher C.S.A.T rating because the customers is speaking with a person who is authority on the product support niche


Step 3: Set up templates

Now that you have created your folders and added agents into the task queue, it’s time to create default welcome messages and closing messages.

Set up templates

These messages will be triggered when a customer either lands on your website or engages with the chat system on your mobile application.


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Step 4: Set up triggers

Chat triggers can be set up within Kapture CRM to ensure that a customer is still on chat.

Let’s say a conversation begins but there is silence from a customer – this messages will be auto triggered.

Set up triggers to Live Chat System

You can set up the message as well as the time trigger i.e. after how many seconds should this message be triggered.


Step 5: Set up filters

Chat tickets can be auto prioritized as high priority tickets based on keywords you can set up in these filters.

Set up filters for Live Chat

You can add the platform of origin in our case – it will be chat.

If a ticket contains a specific keyword that could be related to an urgent ticket, the CRM will auto tag this ticket as a high priority query and get an agent on it immediately.

 setting up filter name in live chat software

Once the filter has been set up, you can set up the ticket priority and you can also assign a specific task queue to handle these high priority chats.



In the game of business, the previous generation of phone and email support is now slowly fading into a faster and more instant form of communication in the form of a chat system.

The simple addition of this system into your support tool kit will ensure that customer retention rates remain favorable, because you are available to your buyers when and how they want.

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