Ticket Management Software

Manage Your Tickets efficiently and minimize Client Wait-time

Do you feel like your client’s wait-time is higher than the market average before gaining a response? Are your clients satisfied with your customer service team?

As Customer-relations become the core of every successful business and marketing strategy, every business needs to cut the distance between clients and customer support. The CRM ticket management software is a significant business tool helping you establish better communication channel with each client. The CRM ticket handling is an optimized way of query resolution or streamlining internal communications, presenting an innovative way of managing diverse issues. The CRM software streamlines all the client communications, enabling you to establish a better response time and delivering resourceful resolutions.

crm ticketing software that help in integrating all communication channels
Multi-channel Client Communication

Kapture’s CRM ticketing software integrates the multiple channels for client communications – Email, facebook chat, twitter, and multiple chat clients, telephone. Through the multiple channel integration, you need not divide your attention between different channels. This feature lets you focus on the actual client issues, rather than dividing your attention between various platforms

Improve Client satisfaction
To Increase the Customer Retention Rates

At a competitive marketplace, it’s always a risky proposition to keep the client in the waiting line. According to a recent research, it is 10 times more costly for a customer to retain a customer rather than gain a new customer. With the client patience becoming a rare commodity, managing client queries with minimum wait time is a deciding factor.

Increase Client Retention through crm ticketing software
Build Customer Loyalty through crm ticketing software
Manage and Reward
Customer Loyalty

Managing amicable customer relationship is quintessential for building customer loyalty. The CRM ticketing software enables you to manage customer issues at a real-time process. A customer executive can provide a resolution or elevate an issue for a response by a related technical team. Through effective transferring of tasks, the time taken for addressing each issue also could be incrementally decreased.

Classify, Allocate and Re-assign
Tickets Within the Team

Whether it’s sales or customer support, the ticket management system is a great addition for any business. The CRM functions as ticket allocation software, enabling the team leader to prioritize and allocate each incoming ticket. This system also ensures that every ticket receives an appropriate response within a limited time-frame, ensuring that no-client is left waiting for too long.

Allocating Tickets between team through crm ticketing software
Better word of Mouth Marketing through crm ticketing software
Promote and Grow
With Better Word Of Mouth Marketing

An organization that is vigilant about their customer relationship team has better chances of building word-of-mouth correspondence. With the social media presenting effortless means for communicating their positiveimpact, the chances of your business gaining a viral tweet or facebook mention is positively higher.

Create and Improve Custom
Engagement Strategies

Anin-depth ticket recording system gives you an accurate image of your client issue and requirements. A better understanding of your client habits is critical for building a better engagement with your customers that helps you build long-lasting relations.

Better Customer Engagement Strategies through crm ticketing software
Assign-Tickets through crm ticketing software
Assign and Manage Tickets
To optimize resource allocation

Kapture’s CRM ticketing software allows you to assign tickets over an integrated mobile app. The mobile ticket management gives you instant access to every available resource or talent. Now you can assign tickets to an individual even as the person is physically unavailable at the work station. The assigned individual can prioritize the ticket issued when he checks-in, or can find a remote resolution for the same.

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  • Provide continuous support after each product sale
Kapture CRM software is a user-friendly Customer Relationship Management software customizable for diverse needs of Real Estate, Banks, Hotels and FMCG industries. As integrated CRM Solutions it's also optimally suited as best CRM for small business. Get your first-choice CRM Software now !
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