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Comprehensive Sales Tracking to Respond When it Matters

For every business, only one thing is more challenging than finding potential leads – converting them. A business looking forward to meet its best conversion ratio, sales tracking and management is one of the most critical steps in managing your leads. The organization needs to gain the ability to track, manage and accelerate the lead processing for maximum conversion.

Kapture CRM is an integrated sales tracking software which delivers a unified dashboard interface for managing every sales activity. The CRM tracking system records every stage and instance in your sales channel, acquiring better insights of your complex sales process.

Also, this Sales CRM platform eases the processing of acquired leads and helps in creating the best custom sales appeal to nurture the most profitable lead in sales processes. The CRM sales system also helps you process the acquired leads more efficiently. Here are the various applications of KAPTURE which enables you to track and manage leads with higher efficiency.

sales tracking crm software that manage your leads efficiently
Delegate,Divide and Attend
Leads Efficiently

The sales tracking software ensures that you are handling your leads in the most efficient manner. The CRM receives each lead, streamlines the lead flow and presents the lead enquiry in the most easily understandable way. In this way, KAPTURE significantly cuts-down the time for processing and analyzing each lead.

Conceive, Tailor and Deliver
Custom, Sales Pitches

The CRM sales management gives an instant account of the requirement of each potential lead received. The In-depth information of the client requirements helps you assign the lead to the concerned department and in-turn come up with a custom pitch that attains client interest.

sales tracking software by kapture crm create custom sales pitches
crm sales tracking software by kapture crm optimize your sales channel
Understand, Align and Herald
Your Sales Channel

Kapture comes with a sales tracking software which gives you the clarity of understanding of your sales channel. A better grasp of your sales channel helps you optimize your sales process according to the needs and requirements of your target audience.

Track Performance and Contributions of
Each Sales Executive

You need not wait until the month-end or week-end to obtain performance reports. The CRM Sales Tracking Software accurately records the contribution of each sales executive and sales member. Now you can make changes to the team roles or shuffle responsibilities as early as it required.

crm sales tracking software that track contribution of each sales executive
sales tracking crm software that track-sales-visits-over-GPS
Live GPS Tracking Integration
To Monitor Executive Transits

Each sales executive can be tracked based on his exact coordinates over GPS. A daily plan can be created and allocated to every team member with a route-map. At the end of the day, an adherence report can be generated which shows you the status of every sales-visit on a real-time basis.

Design, Manage and Create
ROI based reports

From acquiring lead to finished transaction, you can track the sales ROI for each channel. Now you allocate marketing budget and sales attention to each consecutive sales channel.

sales tracking software that track sales visits over GPS
crm tracking software that provide cloud-accessibility-for-all-client-Information
Drive and Leverage
Great Sales Performances

With the CRM cloud infrastructure, you have the immediate access to the entire client account database. As the customer information is readily accessible, it creates an additional tool for retaining clients and achieving new client accounts.

Mobile Client Profile Access
Through Cloud Database

Remove the uncertainty in your sales process through accurate sales forecasting. The CRM sales reporting give a better understanding of the various sales factors – lead sources, client intelligence, market trends etc….

crm sales tracking software by Kapture create sales forecast
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