Ever desired for a sales software that understands and suits your business than just being an added apparatus.
Kapture CRM improves and accelerates your business-customer relationship to create impactful sales outcomes.

Kapture sales CRM combine all your sales activities in a unified platform.

An automated sales ecosystem to crack every potential opportunity

Sales CRM
Omni Channel Support
Receive prospect enquiries through phone calls, Email, website, live chat,
related portals, Social Media etc.
Integrated Sales Tracking
Track your sales rep locations, receive updated reports about attended
meetings and achieved progress on deals.
Easy API Compatibility
Make Kapture CRM the centre of all your sales activities by integrating
your diverse APIs such as cloud telephony, ERP software, word press etc.
The knowledge base
Be ready with all the product information and specifications by
managing all information within a single drive – Kapdrive.
Stay updated and on-the- pulse with inbuilt hierarchy based reporting
software. Receive all the updates and information on a single dashboard.
Manage your sales team
Communicate and manoeuver your sales team with GPS-enabled
location tracking and ticketing-based communications.

Businesses Need to Sell Smarter

Year by year selling is getting harder, right?
In-order to be successful, businesses should engage and manage their entire sales prospects with perfection and intent to close the deal. Businesses with focused selling strategies have a big competitive edge over competitors.

Today’s market situation demands you to have a personalized selling approach. Combine the warmth of human relationships with the efficiency of automated systems. It helps you deliver a solid ‘sales punch’ and differentiates your business from competitors in your business vertical.

Also, the prospects expect businesses to prove the unique value that they
bring to the table. Your prospect also needs to feel connected and engaged to your business.

Finally, all these pre-sales activities could end-up overwhelming you without actually selling anything.

Kapture CRM connects and streamlines all your lead sources to a single lead dashboard. This allows you to evaluate and segregate the leads on the sales funnel as per their chances of closure.

Later, you can take the right steps to realize actual deal closures.

24/7 Customer service
Mobile Sales CRM

Manage and Empower your Mobile Sales Team

Have you ever wondered whether your sales team receives adequate ground support? Do you worry about your meetings being carried-out smoothly and on-time?

The most productive sales teams don’t succeed by thriving under great
pressure. Instead, they are the most productive by working in a collaborative environment.

Kapture CRM app lets you reach-out and communicate with any member of your sales team and vice versa. You can also receive instant updates about the deal progress and closure updates.

The sales reps can also update and view customer information through their Kapture mobile app. Mobile ticketing feature allows any member to raise ticket and receive resolution for client issues.

Now elevate your sales reps from being mere work horses to customer
problem solvers.

Why Use Sales Funnel?

The sales funnel gives a visual representation for the upcoming sales deal closures. By analyzing the lead segregation along the sales funnel, you can learn about the leads ready for immediate closures, upcoming negotiations and possible closures in the future.

A sales Funnel analysis can help you predict the probable revenue turnover in a given time line.

Sales Funnel

Sales Mobility Application

Kapture CRM mobile app keeps you engaged with your ground sales team. The device agnostic feature allows your entire
team to be connected across diverse devices and system capabilities.

Sales Mobile CRM
Information access on-the-go

View and update real-time information about new orders and sales progress on the Kapture CRM mobile app. The cloud database enables the ground team to access catalogs, brochures and relevant customer information from anywhere, anytime.

On-field order-taking

Enable your employees to add and edit new product orders in their smartphones. This allows you to manage all orders from a single dashboard without using different files. You can also update customer profiles from the customer location.

Real-time reporting

Sharpen your sales proficiency by receiving updated sales reports on your Kapture CRM mobile app. These reports include Daily sales reports, target vs achievement reports and other reports based on present performance values. The CRM sales software could be set to send you update through email or SMS, ensuring you miss out on nothing.

Let’s free your sales reps from being work horses and elevate them into customer problem solvers.

Sales Management Software
Sales funnel

Obtain real-time updates about your leads and prospects’ status in the sales pipeline using the sales CRM platform.

GPS tracking

Monitor your employees’ real-time field movements using Kapture CRM‘s route map tracking feature for sales management.

Sales history

Easily view your customers’ enquiry and conversation histories from a central, unified dashboard using Kapture’s sales CRM platform.

Automated sales

Automate your client interactions with personalized email, quotation and invoice templates.

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  • Run your business from the palm of your hands
  • Have precise control over your sales activities
  • Provide continuous support after each product sale
Kapture CRM software is a user-friendly Customer Relationship Management software customizable for diverse needs of Real Estate, Banks, Hotels and FMCG industries. As integrated CRM Solutions it's also optimally suited as best CRM for small business. Get your first-choice CRM Software now !
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