Property Sales

Real-time geolocations
Get a clear view of all your available property listings with an interactive map and real-time database syncing. Make it easier for your agents to manage open houses and site visits by quickly accessing important information.
Unit inventories
Easily manage and gain property inventories in real-time. Kapture’s real estate management software lets you view which properties are either sold, booked or overdue, right from a central dashboard.
Site visits
Send brochures and catalogues to your customers and schedule site visits through the mobile CRM software. Receive timely notifications for all upcoming visits, even on a mobile device.
Emails templates
With custom templates, easily send bulk emails and SMS for the relevant cost sheets, floor plan updates, etc. to your clients. Use customized response templates to instantly solve your clients’ queries.
Relationship managers
Your agents are the sole and direct interface with the end clients and buyers, and Kapture’s real estate CRM lets you capitalize on this relationship by assigning personal managers to each of them.
Personalized messages
Form unique relationships with your clients by delivering information and listing updates with a personal touch. Use communication templates and triggers to automatically send responses whenever a client-side event is registered in the system.
Real Estate Property Sales
Billling And Invocing System
Meetings and follow-ups
Our real estate CRM software gives you the option to schedule meetings with your prospects, as well as setup follow-ups for the leads. With its daily planner feature, you can simply assign daily tasks to your sales executives and monitor the status of each meeting within the system itself.
Activity reports
Make your sales more proactive and less reactive by periodically sending property activity reports to your potential buyers. Deliver information such as price fluctuations, upcoming open houses, or even policy changes.
Quotations and negotiations
Prepare quick quotes for different projects with your branding and effectively negotiate with prospective clients to arrive at the perfect deal. Never manually input the included and excluded amenities – such as parking and maintenance – in every quotation that you send to a client.
Agreements and documents
Whether it’s contracts, comparative market analysis (CMAs), appraisals, notices or construction, land or lease agreements, store all your important documents in a central, cloud-enabled database and attach them to the respective client’s profile.
Client history
Keep a track of a client’s previous records, conversations and transactions using Kapture’s customer profiling tools. Never lose out on important customer information with a single location for all their data.
Sales funnel
View your sales pipeline with proper graphical representation through our CRM for mobile management, and monitor how efficiently your prospective leads are being converted into a successful property purchase.
Sales Funnel
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