Payment Management

Document management
Whether it’s offer letters, agreements, sales deeds, store all your important documents and attachments on a central location. Retrieve the necessary information on your mobile even when you’re out meeting a customer or on a site visit.
Payment projections
Analyze trends and predict cash inflows with a CRM that was designed keeping in mind real estate’s payment management problems. With accurate cash projections, your team can get working on the most promising leads and maximize revenue.
Payment scheduling
Streamline your payments and collections by creating and storing a detailed payment schedule within the real estate CRM for each stage of payments and across multiple projects. Automatically send intimation emails to your customers to remind them about due payments.
Payment pricing and status
Track the status of completed and pending payments with options to set payment types like EMIs, cheque, cash, etc. Manage the complete cycle right from selling the property to its possession, along with dynamic square foot valuation with easy pricing.
Electronic forms
Create online forms for your buyers and clients to easily input their data and important details for a successful purchase. Kapture can integrate with third-party electronic signature platforms to reduce hassles and close deals quicker.
Agreement status
Once the deal has been finalized with a customer, our real estate CRM lets you closely track the agreement directly from the system. As payments are made at each stage, notifications and next follow-up dates can be delivered to the agent.
Rate deductions
With all the property details at hand, identify which of the optional amenities, such as parking space, have been rejected by the customer, and accordingly revise the payment structure to quickly offer the best deals to them.
Tax structures
Every property deal is affected by different governing tax policies, which is why our CRM for real estate lets you create and incorporate multiple tax plans in different agreements. No more calculations required and the deal can be closed quicker than ever.
Automated reminders
Following up with multiple clients for due payments can load your system and stress out your agents. Ensure timely payments by receiving reminders on Kapture’s mobile CRM software, and build happy agent-buyer relationships.
Payment history
Break down property payments into clear stages within Kapture, and merge them with the customer’s profile to have a better idea of their payment structure. View how many payments have been on time, and which ones are currently pending.
Commission tracking
Easily calculate all your brokerages and commissions from property purchases and completed payments with an easy-to-use payment engine. Customize the commission structure for each successful transaction and automate the generation of the final amount.
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