Lead Management

Lead capturing
Fetch and funnel your leads from a multitude of sources and convert them into happy clients from a central dashboard.
Online portals
Easily capture your potential clients from popular online portals like Commonfloor, 99acres, Magicbricks and Justdial.
Web integration
Turn your website visitors into clients by integrating your web forms within the real estate CRM and getting leads right in your inbox.
Manage all your inbound and outbound calls from your prospective leads through the CRM with easy integration of your cloud telephony partners.
Channel partners and brokers
Keep a track of multiple channel partners and brokers in Kapture and easily trace the leads obtained from each individual entity.
Email marketing
Identify leads and what stage they are at and deliver emails that are both customized and automated keeping engagement continuous. Also, classify your leads into a target groups, thus prioritizing a swift and accurate delivery.
Targeted marketing
Create, store and manage contact lists and use Kapture’s smart mailing tools to send the most relevant content to potential property buyers. Filter your database based on locations, price ranges, property type, etc.
Campaign management
Kapture’s real estate CRM lets you run short-term and long-term marketing campaigns across a wide range of channels – both online and offline. Map virtual telephony numbers to each channel source, such as billboards and websites, to improve analytics.
Real estate portals
Maximize your availability on third-party portals and MLS providers by integrating your listings with them. Keep track of individual properties to see how much business each property is attracting, and turn your drawbacks into game-makers.
Lead qualification
Grade incoming leads as hot, warm or cold, and determine the likelihood of a successful conversion, right within the real estate management software. Allow your teams to focus on the buyers that are most likely to purchase a property unit.
Client profiles
Create profiles for each of your customers, complete with details about their company and/or family. Classify and grade each customer on the basis of their type and potential business value, and view entire conversation histories to have a complete view.
Lead updates
Get real-time notifications and updates on all your generated leads from potential buyers and clients with our mobile CRM software. Significantly improve response times and use a well-defined follow-up strategy to maximize your chances of converting those leads.
Service-level agreements
Create clear hierarchies to manage all your incoming leads and opportunities, and respond to them in the least time possible. Escalate your queries to a higher authority in the event that they are left unattended for too long.
Lead assigning
Kapture’s intelligent mobile CRM software, lets you assign prospective clients to the right sales executive for better customer handling. Obtain timely notifications for each new assigned lead, so that your team can quickly get working on it.
ROI reports
Unify your marketing channels in one place, and monitor the live status of each of your marketing campaigns. Understand the success of each lead source and use those insights to improve your decision-making.
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