Real Estate Lead Management

Manage and Convert every window of Lead Opportunity

A realtor should handle large volume of incoming leads with varying quality. You should also identify and nourish sales leads to realizebetter conversion opportunities. Kapture CRM for real estate lets you maximize your sales opportunity and lead value!

Multi-Channel Lead Acquisition and Management

Integrate and capture leads from multiple channels or sources in a single dashboard. This lets you maximize your lead generation and management capability. Also, significantly improve your ability to evaluate each opportunity and speed of responding to each lead. Now, start utilizing every window of opportunity to acquire a sales lead!

Online Portals
Partner with established online channels to maximize the lead generation!Now you can integrate and receive leads from multiple online portals such as Commonfloor, 99acres, Magicbricks and Justdial etc.
Web integration
Capture and convert your website visitors into online leads by integrating Kapture CRM web forms. Now, get ready to hold critical customer conversations from a single platform.
With easy cloud telephony integration, you can manage all your inbound and outbound calls from a single platform. By tagging a particular number to each campaign, you can accurately track the source of each received call.
Channel partners and brokers
Collaborate with different online affiliates and offline brokers within a single unified platform. You can track the number and quality of leads from each source.
Email marketing
Run and receive leads from focussed email marketing campaigns using segmented lists. You can run customer-oriented campaigns based on prospect buying stage or priorities. Also, you can upload a customer list or filter your database based on locations, price ranges, property type, etc.
Send SMS based on Campaigns and receive calls through a single platform. The delivery report informs you about the related number of requests, delivery rates and rejection rates.
Real Estate Lead Management
Lead Management CRM
Campaign Management

Get closer to understanding and converting your customers with the all-integrated CRM campaign management! You can collect and access all the data from a cloud database. This allows you to filter locations, price ranges, property type, budget, lead sources etc.Now run and manage all your online-offline campaigns from a single dashboard.

Offline Campaigns
By adding different virtual telephony numbers to your campaign assets, you can determine the accurate ROI for your each marketing activity. This may include billboards and websites to improve analytics.
Real estate portals
Incorporate multiple popular online real estate portals into your lead acquisition strategy. Track the traffic and leads received by individual properties on particular web listings. Make intelligent campaign investments and attract visitors.
Lead aptitude qualification
Send SMS based on Campaigns and receive calls through a single platform. The delivery report informs you about the related number of requests, delivery rates and rejection rates.
Prospecting Process Management

The realtor industry needs a long-term process to acquire customers. Within the CRM platform, you can manage all prospect interactions and data requirements that precede the final conversation.

Hierarchy of Lead Responses
Create clear hierarchies to manage all your incoming leads and opportunities. Ensure that sales ready leads are attended by the sales team. The CRM platform also automates all unattended client queries by getting them escalated to a higher authority.
Lead Assignment
Kapture’s Mobility platform cuts-down on the lead processing time and assigns each prospective lead at the earliest! This helps you procure maximum response for each incoming lead.
Client Profiles
Create in-depth customer profiles that are complete with detailed customer information. You can also classify and segment each customer based on type and potential business value. Within the cloud-enabled platform, you can instantly access the customer conversational history and previous requests.
ROI reports
Unify and manage all your leads from a single platform. The URL and location tagging allows you to follow the current performance of each campaign. Divert your budget to the right campaigns and make future investments based on solid data!
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