Product catalogue

A dynamic catalogue that’s always updated

Manage a product portfolio and create a complete product
tree with parent and child categories. Add important
metadata such as descriptions, media attachments,
quantities, etc. so that data is easy to understand.

Rate cards

Order-taking, now swift and easy

Create standard rate cards for all products in your
catalogue, along with their variants, in order to
facilitate easier order-taking.

Stock and SKUs

Make information recall easy

Add SKUs for each of your products in the catalogue so
that their data is easier to recall. Monitor and update
the available stock level to ensure that the order can
be successfully created.

Media files

Because pictures say it better

Replace your text-only product catalogue with rich
multimedia files such as images, videos, etc. Improve
your chances of making larger new orders with an
easy-to-use product database.

Mobile view

Mobile-ready to keep you going

With Kapture’s cloud CRM software, remotely access rate
structures, packages, deals and offers. The mobile CRM
app can deliver information instantly and enhance your
order-taking ability.

Offers and promotions

Instant updates for real progress

Keep your agents informed about exclusive product
offers, promotions and schemes in real-time. Changes
in product information and pricing can be instantly
reflected in the CRM through the cloud.

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  • Run your business from the palm of your hands
  • Have precise control over your sales activities
  • Provide continuous support after each product sale
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