Employee attendance

An office that travels with you

Kapture allows your sales representatives to remotely
mark their attendance from a smartphone or tablet.
With time stamps and location tracking, your executives
can easily share their location with you.

Customer visits

Plan before you move ahead

Through the mobile CRM app, you can plan out your daily
customer visits before getting on the field. Notify and
update your team using easy check-in and check-out at
the customer’s location through smartphone.

Location tracking

Track field movement of sales reps

With GPS tracking, each representative’s real-time
location can be mapped on the CRM system with accurate
timestamps. With check-in and check-out times, monitor
your representatives’ movements on the field.

Product catalogue

An inventory that moves with you

Access product catalogues, brochures and customer
information and prepare themselves before a meeting.
Deliver real-time updates about rate plans and product
offers on a sales representative’s smartphone with
Kapture’s mobile management software.

Mobile sales management

Sales on-the-go

New customer information, product enquiries and orders
can be entered by your representatives while they are at
the customer’s location. View the real-time status of all
pending tasks against each customer, such as order delivery
and pending payments, through your mobile sales app.

Order approvals

Uninterrupted order delivery

With Kapture, easily check your current inventory status
and confirm any newly created orders. Notifications can
be automatically sent to the concerned teams for an
uninterrupted order processing.

Payment updates

Know the status now

Automatically update your order payment status – whether
paid or pending – through Kapture mobile sales app.
Cash or cheque payments can be verified by taking and
uploading mobile snapshots to the database.

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  • Run your business from the palm of your hands
  • Have precise control over your sales activities
  • Provide continuous support after each product sale
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