Collect leads and customer enquiries from a plethora of channels on a central, cloud-enabled database. Aggregate leads from
email, calls, web-forms and channel partners. Get real-time status updates with effective online lead management.



Retrieve and easily view all your lead
enquiries made through email.



With embedded web-forms, capture
all your leads coming through
your website.



Collect and keep snippets of all
enquiries coming through the phone.


Live chat

Interact with your lead enquiries in
real-time and maximize lead conversion


Marketing campaigns

Extract valuable lead data from your
ATL and BTL marketing activities.


Partner sites

Ensure that you don’t lose out on
leads from your third-party and
partner websites.

Enquiry forms

A tailor made form, because every client is different

Improve your customer data management by creating
customized web as well as CRM enquiry forms with
drop-down fields of quantities, rates and discounts
for both new and existing clients.

Lead qualification

Cut through the noise

Each enquiry comes with important customer data,
which can be collated and analyzed to create distinct
profiles for your leads. Obtain relevant lead data from
the lead management software and grade them
on the basis of status and priority.

Lead nurturing

Nurture your leads into clients

Monitor your business interactions with your leads and
setup a trigger-based email delivery system using Kapture
sales lead management tool. Maximize the chances
of converting each of them into a customer.

Assign enquiries

Allot, manage and deploy

Lay down clear hierarchies within your business and its
different zones, so that the system can auto-allocate
your incoming enquiries to the designated team or
authority. You can also manually re-allocate the enquiries
to different entities through the sales lead management

Enquiry filters

Categorize information based on your need

Centralize all your leads and filter them on the basis of
products, sources, contacts, zones, or assignees.

Enquiry history

Review the past for a better future

Quickly look-up a prospect’s enquiry history and their
progression with Kapture lead management. View the
number of mails exchanged, quotations generated, all at
one place, along with any attached team notes
or remarks.

Graphical reports

Smart reports, with eye candy presentation

Sort and filter your lead data by generation date,
assigned employee, products, lead or prospect type,
and custom time periods to effectively visualize and
understand your performance.

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  • Run your business from the palm of your hands
  • Have precise control over your sales activities
  • Provide continuous support after each product sale
Kapture CRM software is a user-friendly Customer Relationship Management software customizable for diverse needs of Real Estate, Banks, Hotels and FMCG industries. As integrated CRM Solutions it's also optimally suited as best CRM for small business. Get your first-choice CRM Software now !
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