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In this day and age of technology-driven business processes, every brand, every entrepreneur has got an opportunity to garner leads from a wide spectrum of possibilities. While the prospects of lead generation are immense, it’s a difficult task to control and manage incoming leads.

Kapture helps you build an optimal lead processing channel, enabling you to attend each enquiry in with care and detail.


Integrate Multiple Lead Channels

With diverse online and offline channels, you can easily be overwhelmed by simultaneously handlingmultiple lead sources. Kapture integrates your multiple lead sources into a single stream.For example, an Indian enterprise has to handle multiple lead sources that includes – Justdial, websites, landing pages, social media applications, offline activities, digital SEM campaigns, innovate website ads, third party portals, etc…Now spend more time on attending potential customers, than trying to collect all enquiries.

Automate your Lead Management

Modern business attributes its leads to multiple sources. Henceforth, they face a challenge to be always ready to handle potential enquires, requiring increased manpower resources and talents.The CRM lead management automates your lead processing, substituting slow and flawed manual processing. A CRM also collects necessary lead information, saving all lead information for future reference.

Increase lead Processing Speed

Kaptureenables you to close each lead faster and more efficiently. It accelerates your process of understanding client requirements and supplementing product data or information, within audience’s limited attention span. The CRM inputs also allow you to iterate each step of your lead channel, optimizing each part of your channel for greater conversion

Mobile Access to your Lead Database

Kapture Android App allows you to remotely access your entire lead database through an integrated mobile app. The mobile app also allows you to react to new lead queries from a remote location. Never again be chained to your PC-lead software.

Follow-up Lead Enquires

In a competitive business scenario, a first-time lead conversion could be a rare occurrence. The CRM helps you follow-up your leads in a systematic and straight-forward manner. You can schedule call-back times and reminders for each potential lead, creating repeated interest in your business. A CRM follow-up process ensures that your past leads have chances of conversion in a future time-point. Ensure that you always remember your leads and their requirements.

Delegate your Leads Effectively

When handling multiple leads, effective delegation of each enquiry instantly upgrades your lead processing efficiency. Kapture dashboard allows you to read, analyze and delegate each lead to be attended by the right sales personnel. It also enables you to create the best first client-impression with your leads being attended by the right personnel. The lead delegation process also shortens lead response time, which in-turn increases lead conversion.

Increase your Lead Conversion

Every lead offers a new opportunity to fetch new business and profit. If you manage leads through a traditional spreadsheet (say MS-Excel), you may lose a significant part of your leads to rival businesses with better updated systems. A CRM software accelerates and streamlines your lead processing, allowing you to learn and respond to your leads in a critical manner.

Manage Your Lead Contacts

When you are handling hundreds to thousands of leads, retrieving previous lead information on short-notice is a big challenge. The CRM contact management helps you access any lead contact data or previous correspondence within seconds.Now you can restart your sales negotiations or product tour from the previous standpoint, saving precious time for both your clients and your business.

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