Marketing Automation

Manage multiple campaigns from a single platform and get access to detailed reports. Effectively promote your hotel’s packages and deals, and increase the chances of turning your leads into bookings.

Automate your marketing communication
Take complete control over your marketing communications and strategically engage you’re your prospective customers, right from lead generation to conversion. Eliminate the time-consuming task of drafting individual emails by using custom templates to design relevant newsletters and feedback requests.
Manage your OOH advertising campaigns
Improve your hotel’s visibility with effective out-of-home (OOH) campaigns for your target market. With Kapture, you can track the effectiveness of your outdoor campaigns, such as brochure distribution and bulletin billboards.
Centrally run multiple hotel campaigns
Running multiple marketing campaigns through the conventional methods can become disastrous for effective marketing. Whether you have print ads, social media events, or digital media ads, a seamless CRM integration can give you remote access to the dynamic campaign information.
Obtain campaign-specific ROI reports
Through detailed analytics and custom reports, gain insight into your campaign effectiveness. With our CRM reporting software, compare the campaign revenue to the projected values and measure their success. Recognize which campaign is giving you more leads in order to maximize your marketing ROI.
Analyze all your online customer reviews
With robust API integration, Kapture lets you collect all your customer feedback from third-party websites like TripAdvisor and easily assign them to the concerned department for resolving any discrepancies and improving your customers’ overall experience.
Improve your social media management
Hold your customers’ attention by gathering and responding to their queries and complaints on social media platforms. With set default responses, let your customers know that all their grievances are being attended to.
Execute campaigns based on guest preferences
Increase your bookings with Kapture by creating strategic promotional campaigns with customer information like contact details, preferences, average spend per visit, etc. The system can instantly update customer profiles with new information, letting you tweak your campaign in real-time.
Share your marketing collaterals with Kapdrive
Store your hotel brochures, creative collaterals and campaign artwork for hoardings, display ads and catalogues, all on the Kapdrive. This facilitates on-the-go access for your sales team and collaboration with your tour operators and corporate chains.
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Kapture CRM software is a user-friendly Customer Relationship Management software customizable for diverse needs of Real Estate, Banks, Hotels and FMCG industries. As integrated CRM Solutions it's also optimally suited as best CRM for small business. Get your first-choice CRM Software now !
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