Whether your activities are focused on individuals, tour operators or corporations, our hotel CRM software can be customized to your operations and become your biggest ally. Integrate your customers’ accounts with Kapture CRM’s account management tools to manage them with ease.

Individual, Tour Operator and Corporate Profiles
Using a one-size-fits-all approach for a diverse customer base with distinctive characteristics is counter-productive. With customer profiling, categorize your customers and setup custom workflows for queries and bookings for each of them.
Priority Accounts
With Kapture CRM, grade your tour operators and corporates on the basis of their booking values. Interactions with your high-value tour operators and corporates can be prioritized, which reduces the turnaround times for your key customers and ensures that they are a constant source of business.
Kapture Hotels Account Management
Kapture hotel CRM account software,
Merge Multiple Regional Offices
Tour operators and corporates may have offices in multiple cities, and queries from each of these locations must be managed by a single team. The hotel CRM software allows you to assign sub-offices for each customer, and gain a consolidated and comparative view of each of your large-scale customers.
Set Meeting Patterns
Regularly meet with your key tour operators and corporates within set periods of time. With Kapture’s hotel CRM software, generate a meeting calendar to ensure that the scheduled meetings are being fulfilled, and receive automated reminders on missed meetings.
View Customer History
Record and store your tour operator and corporates’ past data, which includes received queries, past orders, number of quotations and invoices sent, payments received, partial payments received, number of interactions made with your executives.
Automate Your Birthday and Anniversary Wishes
Let your customers know that you care about their business with you. With Kapture CRM’s automation tools, automatically send birthday and anniversary wishes to your customers. The top corporate executives can be acknowledged by the top management of your hotel to create a better mutual relationship.
Escalation Matrix
With the hotel management software, improve your response times by setting up an escalation matrix for all incoming queries and bookings. Set down the minimum reaction time for each interaction, and escalate it if left unattended within that period.
Kapture CRM software for hotel
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Kapture CRM software is a user-friendly Customer Relationship Management software customizable for diverse needs of Real Estate, Banks, Hotels and FMCG industries. As integrated CRM Solutions it's also optimally suited as best CRM for small business. Get your first-choice CRM Software now !
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