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Kapture is a user-friendly, mobile-first and fully-customizable CRM platform which enables you to grow your business exponentially by automating all your sales, marketing, customer service, distribution and collections processes effortlessly.


Kapture ensures that every lead that comes into the system is served and nurtured to help convert them into your loyal customers. The CRM comes with an awesome lead management system using which you can capture quality leads coming in from different channels, classify them based on customized parameters, and assign them to your sales teams based on organizational structure/ location/ project/ product etc. The call management system allows you to set reminders for follow-ups for meetings or sales calls. The sales heads can track the exact location of their team members and assign daily plans for them with a route map. Kapture has the capacity to generate ROI based daily, weekly and monthly sales reports which empower you to predict future trends and plan your next move accordingly.


Kapture helps you keep a tab on all your marketing activities on a single platform. Execute, monitor and optimize your ongoing online ad campaigns to maximize the output of your marketing spends and profile the agencies who run these campaigns. The CRM platform allows you to audit your offline marketing campaigns by clicking pictures of your hoardings and other events with time-stamping and location mapping. Manage payments of all your marketing agencies and make them accountable for every campaign that they execute. Get an overview about which marketing channel is fetching you favourable responses and generate cutting edge marketing reports to analyze your position in the market to stay ahead of the competition.


Kapture is a CRM mobile app that facilitates your sales team to have a look at the product catalogues when they are out in the market to sell them to existing or potential retailers. It comes with a handy order management system using which orders can be placed and tracked on the go. Maintain secondary and tertiary data with the platform's inbuilt stock management system. Manage data about your stockiest, distributors and retailers to ensure that there are no communication gaps. Complete your sales cycle real quick by allocating daily plans to your sales team, area wise/ product wise or based on any other parameter. Send mass emails and smses through the system to your customer/ retailer/ distributor etc. All in all, it's the perfect sales CRM platform that will make sure that your product reaches every potential retailer who can sell it for you!

Customer Service

As businesses today are moving from transaction-centric to customer-centric ideologies, keeping your customers happy all the time becomes vital. Our Post Sales CRM module allows you to classify and assign all your customer queries to respective departments and device a strategy to solve them without any delay. Complaints and other data accumulated through the system helps you understand the areas where there is scope for improvement and take necessary measures to enhance customer satisfaction.


Delayed payment cycles become a hurdle that stops you from attaining your business goals like you've always wanted to. Kapture has features using which you can track the status of payments and set reminders in-case there is any delay from the other party. All kinds of payments can be handled using the system like cheques, cash, EMI etc. automated invoices can be raised and sent to customers through the system by setting fixed or dynamic pricing charts.

Tailor-made features that fit just right!

Kapture is conceptualized and designed keeping in mind the needs of every business and helps you stay ahead of your competitors in this cluttered market space.

Capture leads from different channels

Manage all your pre-sales activities like never before. No matter where your leads come in from, be it online campaigns, google ads, landing pages, websites, emails or other online portals like just dial etc, capture them all on a single platform. This eliminates the need to have multiple systems for lead management and makes sure that no lead is lost in transit.

Integrate with multiple systems

The mobile CRM platform has inbuilt APIs that integrates with existing systems like call center, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, facebook etc and becomes the only system you need to deploy. Data can be easily imported and exported in different formats which can be then fed as in input for other existing systems. The platform also can also be integrated with call center systems to manage post-sales CRM.

Fully mobile

What makes Kapture different from any other CRM software to manage sales is the fact that it is an extremely user-friendly mobile CRM app that runs on any cheap android phone. This will help you cut costs that you would otherwise have to incur if everyone from your sales team required a laptop. Also it makes sales processes even quicker when order taking and other such functionalities can be carried out on your palm with just a few clicks.

Profile entities

No matter what business you are into, you are bound to deal with different entities like brokers, agencies, contractors, retailers, distributors etc apart from your products services and your sales teams. Profiling each of these entities becomes extremely crucial to manage their data like you want to. Maintain history of your recent conversations with them. Set reminders for follow-ups so that you are not missing out on any deadlines.

Track location

Kapture becomes an even more powerful sales CRM platform using which you can track the exact location of you sales team using the GPS tracking functionality. The platform also allows you to calculate conveyance based on distance travelled, assign daily plans with a route map and audit offline marketing campaigns with location mapping and time-stamping. Agencies handling your outdoor campaigns can be held responsible for improper execution of campaigns.

Assign daily plans

When your sales team has a clear idea about the list of priorities for the day, they can be accountable for all their activities. Using Kapture you can ingeniously assign a daily plan comprising of tasks with a timer to your sales team. You can also generate sales adherence reports using our mobile CRM software, at the end of the day to monitor the performance of every sales team member.

Order management and tracking

Kapture is a one-of-a-kind sales and marketing CRM platform using which you can place and track orders as if you were shopping online! Imagine your sales guy at a client's location with an order management tool handy on his mobile. Using the same tool he can also present his products, services and brochures. Once an order is placed, the stocks would be updated and intimation will be sent via sms/ email to the customer, higher-ups and every other person associated with this transaction.

Communication tools

Kapture comes with a module to send bulk emails, SMSes with templetized formats with details about your services/ products to your customers and everyone else who are an integral part of your business. Our CRM platform also has an inbuilt secure chat function to make communication between internal teams smoother.

Call management

Kapture will ensure that no quality lead is lost with its sound call management and task management system that helps you set alerts for follow-ups. The CRM platform keeps logging all recent conversations so that you know the exact status of every transaction or deal at any point in time. The task manager helps you assign tasks to your internal teams with provisions to set timers and escalate issues.

Handle payments

Kapture has features using which you can track the status of payments and set reminders in-case there is any delay from the other party. All kinds of payments can be handled using the system like cheques, cash, EMI etc. automated invoices can be raised and sent to customers through the system by setting fixed or dynamic pricing charts.

Optimize and monitor campaigns

With our CRM software you can manage all your marketing campaigns like hoardings or other outdoor ads with location mapping and time stamping. It also helps you run, monitor and optimize online ads and digital campaigns.

Post Sales CRM

Like you, we want to keep your customers happy and KAPTURE is the perfect cloud-based CRM platform which comes with an intelligent query resolution tool that ensures that every complaint or query is resolved on time. KAPTURE also integrates with call centre systems and can be installed for customer care executives to track the statues of various kinds of queries coming in.

ROI based analytics

Get reports channel wise, sales team wise, area wise and more. Generate 350+ daily, weekly and monthly reports to track your sales performance. You can be rest assured that data will be always synchronized with accounts and billing team

And more

Unlike other CRM platforms, Kapture offers many other features like a user-friendly interface, unlimited data storage, world-class security, pay on a per login per month basis. No additional costs, no Implementation charges, no training fees, free mobile app, zero AMC, 24*7 tech support

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The platform and the corresponding mobile app have been designed to effectively handle sales and marketing related activities like capturing consumer/lead data, managing follow-ups, creating and monitoring tasks as well as employee tracking

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