Sales Monitoring Software

Design daily plans for your employees and trace their movements in real-time. View and manage the activities of the sales team from a central dashboard, regardless of their team strength.

Create Beat Plans
Easily review a sales employee’s distributors and retailers, and create daily beat plans by allocating an optimal number of customer visits in a single transit. Recorded beat plans can display the location, suggested routes, time, and the agenda of the meeting to the employee.

Manage Customer Visits
Retrieve specific customer details like frequency of visits, date of visits, orders and transactional history, and plan the upcoming visits based on the preset meeting patterns. Sales executives can easily view and visit available customers in a radius of 3 kilometers around them.
Record and Manage Attendance
The mobile CRM app allows your sales employees to remotely mark their attendance when they’re out on the field. The supervising manager will receive an instant intimation, along with the employee’s details, location and log-in time, on the CRM dashboard.
Real-Time Location Tracking
Remotely track the real-time GPS position of each field employee, and verify their current location with the allocated beat plan. Make sure that your field team is punctual and are systematically meeting with their assigned customers.
Route-Map Tracking
Retrace the full transit route of each individual sales employee with GPS-based route-map tracking. Your employees can use the mobile app to remotely check-in and check-out from the customer’s location, giving them accountability for the prescribed transit paths.
Place Orders On-the-Go
Remotely access product catalogues through the mobile CRM app, check product availabilities and place and track orders on a smartphone. Using our sales CRM software for FMCG, you can also manage returned goods.
Raise Invoices
Generate custom templates for your invoices that can retrieve and add product information, order quantity, taxation structure, etc. at the point of order generation. Integrate payment gateways into the invoice to provide one-click payments to your customers.
Expense Management
Let your employees add and manage all their expenses through a single platform. Our expense management tools allow the maintenance of cost records for travel, food, meetings, etc., which can be reviewed and approved by the respective manager in a timely manner.
Monitor Store-Level Activities
Track and monitor your brand’s store-level marketing activities with the CRM marketing software. Obtain access to a wide range of information, including billboard positioning and merchandise uptime. Closely examine your BTL and OOH performance, and verify that it is in line with your marketing plans.
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  • Have precise control over your sales activities
  • Provide continuous support after each product sale
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