Collect, consolidate and upload customer profiles into a cloud infrastructure. Get a unified dashboard for all your distributors and retailers’ data and past transactions.

Generate Distributor & Retailer Profiles
Categorize your customers – distributor, retailer, stockist or super-stockist – and manage profiles for each of them. Under one unified customer profile, you can add multiple customer contacts, and manage multiple branch offices and sub-offices.
Create Contacts On-the-Go
With the mobile app, your sales employees can easily create and edit customer profile information, even while they are out on the field. All updates are synced with the cloud database in real-time, so information can be shared across teams instantly.
Assign Retailers to Distributors
Assign each distributor to a set of neighboring retailers, so that the distribution CRM software can automatically route unfulfilled orders to a secondary distributor. Ensure that the retailers are sufficiently stocked by the distributors with an optimal network management.
Kapture Customer-Manage
Set Customer Zones
With the customer management software, create customer zones and appropriately segregate the distributors and retailers. Optimally manage your inventories in a geographical zone, organize your ordering process and significantly reduce transit expenses.
Classify Active & Prospective Customers
The system can automatically segregate customers as either active or prospective based on their purchase volume, frequency of purchase and past transactions. Set differentiated pricing strategies and provide discounts and offers to your active customers.
View Customer History
Easily view your customer history and analyze all the activities that are related to an individual retailer and distributor, such as previous orders, payment information, customer requests, last meeting date etc.
Set Meeting Patterns
Create routes and patterns for your individual customers, enabling your sales executives to properly manage customer meeting schedules with timely alerts and alarms. If a meeting goes unattended, the system automatically notifies a higher authority for immediate review.
Find Customers Near You
With Kapture, your sales personnel can retrieve in-depth information about potential customers within a radius of 3 kilometers around them. Cover more ground in less time by cutting-down on the number of customer visits as well as the transit times.
Customer Engagement
With customer relationship management tools, store in-depth information about your customers, such as date of birth and personal preferences, and deliver ongoing offers, personalized messages, and product news, all through an inbuilt e-mailing and SMS communication application.
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