Customer profiles


Always know your customer

With customer profiles, obtain a complete picture of your customers and their interactions with you. Store relevant
business information such as contact details, zone, etc. so that your time isn’t wasted in recalling their data.

Classification and labelling

Because not all customers are the same

Classify your clients based on custom parameters such as
zone and nature of business. Label and grade your entire
customer base, and add VIP tags to the most important ones.

Active and prospective customers

Segregate your efforts using effective pockets

Get a segregated view of your active and prospective
customers. Create separate workflows and ground rules
for them, and make sure your team is spending their
efforts on the best cases.

Rate plans

Set and forget

Set different rate plans for individual customers and
design a differentiated pricing strategy. Easily recall
individual rate cards for each customer and quickly
generate new orders.

Customer history

The past helps you excel

Store and view your customers’ history and activities,
such as previous orders, number of quotations and invoices
sent, payments received, complaints received, meeting and
email history, etc.

Automated wishes

Belated wishes don’t count

Always keep your brand in your customer’s mind by
delivering wishes on their birthday, anniversary
and other special occasions.

Meeting patterns

Patterns to help you get your
meetings in order

Create routes for individual customers and ensure that
your agents are meeting them on time.

Customer zones

Zones where magic happens

Lay down identifiable customer zones and segment your
customers based on their operating locations.

Tasks and follow-ups

Be on time, all the time

Schedule tasks and customer follow-ups and easily manage
them with timely reminders and alerts.


Multiple contacts

Save multiple contacts within
each customer profile with
important details like
department and designation.



Quickly add and manage
multiple branch offices
and sub-offices to a
customer’s profile.


Customer documents

Create and attach order contracts
and agreements to the relevant
customer profile.


Data merging

Avoid data duplication by
merging duplicate contacts
into one single profile.

Feel free to ask
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  • Run your business from the palm of your hands
  • Have precise control over your sales activities
  • Provide continuous support after each product sale
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