Bakit ang iyong Real Estate Enterprise kailangan ng isang pasadyang Built CRM?

Real estate crm

Sa pagtaas ng kumpetisyon at mga pagpipilian sa merkado, ang real estate industry ay nakakita rin sa shift mula sa raw pamamahala upang integrated sopistikado. Ito mas mataas na antas ng pagiging sopistikado ay maaaring obserbahan sa maramihang rieltor na may kinalaman sa proseso.

Ito rin ay nangangahulugan na hindi ka maaaring manatiling hinihigpitan ng mas lumang proseso. A CRM na binuo para sa Real Estate negosyo ay tumutulong sa iyo iangkop at palaguin patungo sa isang mas sopistikadong proseso. Sa artikulong ito, we will address about utilizing CRM software to improve the modern realtor processes.

  1. Focus on Manpower Management

As you see it, all real estate enterprises are gifted or burdened with a large prospect pool. This demands ample number of frequent on-site or field visits throughout the day. All of these can’t be just managed through a task management or work collaboration platform.

An integrated CRM platform enables you to gain coverage of maximum prospects within each day. This also incorporates additional features such as GPS tracking, mobile ticketing etc… It also allows you to handle a large prospect volume each day with a proportional increase in success.

By having access to an integrated platform, you can combine and address multiple business fronts through a single platform.

  1. Manage Risk and Make Predictions

Under its steep investment and high depreciation costs, the real estate industry is inherently rife with risks. While the CRM software can minimize the risks, it gives you the best evaluation of ongoing trends and fluctuations.

din, there is inherent complexity of evaluating a real estate asset. Halimbawa, the asset classes can be classified as below.

With in-depth reports, you can possibly evaluate the influence of specific factors that determine ongoing fluctuations.

Most SaaS solution report generators are geared towards generating maximum number of leads and overall sales. But you need more in-depth reports to learn about the current trends. Potentially, CRM software can provide with these multiple utilities.

  1. Longer Time frame for Deal Closures

As the high investment option, the real estate industry has the highest waiting and deliberation times. Most realtor clients spent the bulk of time in evaluating options and choices. All of these cumulate into a longer deal closure time frame.

Having a lead management platform means that you would be having enough time to evaluate and leverage each opportunity. You should also be able to set goals and work-on strategic steps to achieve them.

  1. Immediate Scalability of Factors

As you may have already discerned, the real estate industry is always vulnerable to different fluctuations and deviations. This involves scaling up of campaigns or having access to all prospects within a short time.

CRM platform lets you handle diverse responsibilities through a single platform.

  1. Customer Financial Account Management

Being a large-scale investment, middle class customers often prefer to go with a partial or block payments. This requires flexible and customized payment packages.

A CRM platform lets you handle block payments that could be discerned usual payments. This can dramatically increase your number of bookings.


Every real Estate deal comes with great gravity and investment responsibility. dahil dito, this also means that they have a greater chance of falling through the cracks. A custom-built Real estate CRM helps you mitigate risks and build momentum in your business development.

Kapture CRM provides custom-created Real Estate CRM platform that helps you improve your business process. Matuto nang higit pa sa amin @+91-7899887755 o


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