Vier Smart-Tipps, um Ihre Direktvertriebsergebnisse zu verbessern

Tips for direct sales

Do direct sales still matter or is it just a part of the old system that needs to be removed.

In den meisten Organisationen, direct selling remains the significant part that determines the ultimate turnovers. If you can master the direct sales process, it will instantly get you more customers and higher revenues.

If you get really good at direct selling, it means lesser hardships at achieving the targets. It also helps you build and nourish better customer relationships. aber, being bad at direct selling will lead to directly opposite results.

In diesem Blog, we will look into the different aspects and characteristics of the direct sales process.

Direct Selling is a Prime customer acquisition channel

Whether you’re selling a physical product or software, the direct sales is an important part of your business. Even as your initial touch point with the prospect is through email or website, you will probably need a direct meeting to actually realize the final transaction.

This keeps the direct selling as a critical phase for all your sales funnels.

If you aren’t good at this phase of your sales process, it’s likely that you will suffer a significant drop-off at this part of the sale.

Ebenfalls, the direct selling is a combination of multiple skills. Typically this includes negotiation, presenting a convincing demo or some other closure defining activity. Andernfalls, you are likely to end-up watching the majority of your sales opportunities fail immaturely and bite the dust.

Dafür, you need to be attuned to realize all the direct selling opportunities that come your way.

Figure out a direct sales approach

In the world of online transactions, you could use elaborate sales funnel and multiple touch points to close a particular sale. But the direct sales take a fast-lane approach that need speedy decision making.

Any sense of inadequacy or inefficiency could easily puncture your chances of closing those sales opportunities. Gewöhnlich, the direct sales reps need much more data to actually help you close the deals.

This makes the speed and efficiency of decision-making to be the significant aspects of your sales approach. You should be able to tweak your individual decisions to utilize the available opportunities.

A direct sales app like a mobile CRM can help you manage the sales activities at the desired efficiency. This helps you make all the necessary decisions through a single unified platform.

direct sales process


This helps you eliminate point of indecisions or time-lag throughout your direct sales process. The unified system also gives you easy access to product features and consequently better chances of deal closures.

Personalize and manage the customer meetings

In the present scenario, you should deal with an increasingly well-educated customer base. The customers should be well-aware about available market options and the pricing ranges.

By personalizing the existing relationships, you can easily combine and manage the existing relationships.

A normal business process facilitates numerous arenas to collect and personalize your customer relationships. The role of the business would be to utilize and leverage all these numerous touch points.

Gemäß pitneybowes, these are the possible touch points to collect data and build customer relationships.

direct sales management

If you can properly utilize these touch points, it will lead to better customer relationships and engagement. It’s also a resourceful opportunity to discover revenue generation avenues.

Scaling the number of direct sales meetings

In a competitive arena, the number of sales closed to the meetings attended is always falling.

This requires you to consistently increase the number of sales meetings attended during each day. You should also get your best foot forward in these situations.

This problem could affect the entire organization vertical.

Beispielsweise, das wall street journal shows that an average CEO spends 18 hours a day on meetings and 20 hours on miscellaneous activity every week.

direct sales tips

You can multiply these numbers by 10X for an average sales guy where he needs to collect and figure out all the aspects.

Am Ende, this limits the ability to efficiently scale the number of meetings. A better daily meeting planner system lets you manage and arrange the meetings throughout the day. You can also radically increase the number of meetings attended each day.

Manage and organize daily negotiations

typisch, the sales negotiations are a normal part of all sales deal. A successful sales negotiation program lets you influence and create multiple opportunities – deal margins, up sell and cross sell opportunities, total product customization etc. It turns multiple aspects of the deal making to your advantage.

As most of the live negotiations are a part of direct sales, you should be equipped to close every deal.

In a successful negotiation, you need to constantly add data and successful deal factors that lead to closure. If you can lead to particular closures, you can accelerate the deals. Andernfalls, it will face constant troubles. It may also require a flow of information that facilitate faster decision making.

This requires the direct sales person to come-up with conclusive decisions at the earliest. This is true for small and large organizations alike

EIN mobility-based CRM platform helps you streamline multiple parts of the decision making. This also helps you lay-out the process flow that leads to individual decisions.


The difference between closing 10% – 5% of your sales meetings are usually worlds apart in terms of the final generated revenue. A good direct sales team will be able to discover and convert the right opportunities. This is usually achieved by the most agile and versatile sales teams.

Kapture CRM is a mobility-based CRM-Plattform that enables you to navigate the challenges of the daily sales. Contact us to learn more about improving your direct sales @ +91 7899887755 oder! Sie können auch mit einem Start Kostenlose CRM-Demo oder 30-tägige kostenlose CRM-Studie.


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