Cómo basadas en la prospección de ventas CRM producir consistentemente altos rendimientos?


If you are a sales professional, doing well in one month doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to maintain the same level of success next month. A menudo, a sales peak is followed by months of ambiguous troughs in the following months.

For consistently high sales outputs, you need to have a constant inflow of high quality prospects. CRM-based sales prospecting lets you manage and handle your prospects in a productive manner, constantly improving the quality of your prospects and thereby creating better sales outcomes.

Why Most Sales Professionals fail at Consistency?

Modern day sales processes are based on smart networking and sophisticated prospect management.

But most sales executives are trying to win-over most prospects and close each deal within the first month. Después, the same unfulfilled opportunities are taken-over to the next month. This continues as a cyclic process taking-up from the previous stages. All fresh leads coming through the system are also added to this process. Gradualmente, the sales person loses track of standings with each particular prospect. Finalmente, it leads to losing the much needed continuity in prospect management.

Under this process, even some of the valuable prospect with high probability of conversion may fall through the cracks in the sales process.

In order to manage your sales in a smart way, you need to dissect and segment prospects into specific sections. By establishing prospect streamlining and managing interactions, you can increase the conversion rates and line-up prospects for each month.

Creating a Bigger pool of Initial Prospects

As it takes time to close each deal, it wouldn’t be smart to shortlist a list of prospects in the beginning of each month. But it’s exactly what most sales people actually do. When you are short listing a prospect list initially, it may lead to unintended confusion and a shortage of prospects.

En breve, shortlisting your prospects too early can lead to throttling of opportunities.

This also means that sales people could be potentially lending themselves to the situation of jeopardy every month, which are deals that may or may not be closed. This also leads to swaying opportunities within each team.

Automated prospect management lets you appeal to a wider circle of initial prospects and consequently attract more opportunities.


When added with easy prospect management on a CRM dashboard, you can streamline and manage prospects through a single dashboard.

This can ensure that you are handling the right number of prospects each month. It ensures that you are meeting a baseline customer acquisition each month, leading to increase in conversion.

It may also help you avoid long-term delays that affect your actual sales prospects.

Al automatizar la gestión de perspectiva, you can send custom messages to each prospect. This increases your number of prospects that lets you proportionally increase the probability of success.

Creating Custom sales Toolbox

Relativamente, all professions require their own special toolbox. This includes all sales people.

For conceiving a sales tool box, one first needs to understand their custom requirement. This includes smarter contact management, easier meeting management, time management and deal making utility.

By combining different features and utilities, you could finally have a smarter and easier sales prospect management.

Por ejemplo, Kapture CRM sistema de gestión de vuelo lets you respond to each prospect query within a definite time window. This allows you to manage each client queries within a specific time window. This consistently increases your quality of prospect management and boosts conversion.

Managing Personalized Prospect Communication

It’s no secret that serious professionals won’t care to have time for reminders and messages received at the wrong time. If you are contacting a prospect with no intention of purchase, it could lead to instant sales drop-off and rejections.

By creating special communication channels, you can manage and coordinate messages on each consumer channel.

This enables you to create custom communication suitable for each business. Por ejemplo, a just acquired prospect could receive a mail about product introduction. Después, you can try to realize up selling and cross selling opportunities.

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