Tillämpning av CRM-program i e-handel: Öka försäljningen med bättre Customer Management

CRM software in e-commerce

Om du befinner dig i E-handel, uppnå högre trafik och fler inköp kommer sannolikt att vara din primära mål. Och, detta är mer än tillräckligt för att göra ditt huvud spinn. Förutom, du måste ta itu med tusentals frågor som rör sjöfarten, leverans, produktretur, kundförfrågningar, produkt tvister, och så vidare.

Marknaden förvandlas dramatiskt under de senaste decennierna. Vi är nu i kraft eran av konsumenter. Today customers have hundreds of options available online. 36% of online customers spend more than 30 minutes deliberating before a purchase.

You can reasonably assume that this time goes into making price and product comparisons you’re your competitors.

Så, the competition is on the pick. Customers are positioned to decide which company will thrive and which one will bite the dust in the market melee.

A CRM software recognizes customers as a significant asset of the company and maintaining strong customer relationship should be the fundamental course for any business.

e-commerce management software
Measure all the incoming Data to understand your customer

By integrating a CRM platform, you can record and structure all sources of customer information. This includes purchase history, preferenser, geography etc.

En E-commerce CRM can help you maintain this dynamic data that relates to all consumers. This includes address, phone numbers, inköp, delivery data, and mode of payment, refunds and many others. A CRM makes it easy to reply over any customer queries on shipping, delivery and product return.

CRM can greatly improve your efforts to manage customer data, once they have signed up, ordered, or bought from the site. With solutions like notifications, discount alerts, and updates for order tracking and shippingyou can see how bulk text messaging has a place in the CRM-system.

It’s possible to record all the updates of interaction with customers. Så, the customer service executives can track the enquiry or instantly catch up with any customer communication.

Live Chat Facility with CRM Software

Sometimes product descriptions are not enough to convince the customer to make a purchase. 57% of the visitors reported abandoning a site due to lack of information. Medan 88% of customers said that a live chat facility made their digital experience better.

A live chat option helps you harness the initial interest into a definite purchase. This includes instant response to customer queries and thus reduce exit rate of traffic. You will also be able to make more appeasing product suggestions to the target audience.

Personalized Offers Based on Buying History

Nu, what is personalization? People generally use this term while giving people a customized shopping experience based on their buying behavior, interest zone, demographics and psychographics.

CRM-program helps you gather valuable information about customers’ buying history, so that you can understand their interest areas. By tracking the purchasing pattern, the source through which they entered and how many time they have entered, you can offer shoppers personalized discounts, suggestions and deals.

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Till exempel, consider that you have a grocery shopper, who frequently purchases fruits. By segmenting a personalized email that advertises new stocks or product discounts, you can instantly increase the response rates.

Liknande, you can suggest new released thriller books by sending personalized mail to a thriller lover. An online book store can advertise a personalized discount on Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, which could potentially inspire him/her to make the purchase.

If you know a repeat visitor has checked a particular product/service, you can entice further action by presenting a voucher or discount coupon to enhance loyalty.

According to a survey conducted by Experian, 61% of brands are now using personalized esperience to build customer loyalty.

Initiate After-sales Customer Engagement

Customer retention is a vital component of after sales service. With all the required information available on your fingertips, you can provide better service after sales. You can now not only address shopper concerns regarding orders, product information and inventory, but also increase sales by recommending products to your customers.

how to increase online sales
Increase Sales Opportunities and Maximize Revenue

A CRM benefits you by creating dynamic online catalog and initiating direct customer interaction. Let’s see how Customer Relationship Management software helps to reinforce online sales –

  • It simplifies the way of updating new products, models, prices, description, discounts and offers.
  • It leverages cross- selling promotions and up- selling opportunities.
  • Search faction enables visitors to search and find what they want – allows them to view products with certain features, like color, size, style and model.
  • It helps to increase loyalty that strengthens long term relationships with customers.
  • It provides a convenient platform to interact with customer, resolve their queries, take their feedback and finally, gain their confidence.
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Slutsats :-

In a competitive E-commerce market, a CRM software could be your data goldmine. By collecting all feasible customer data, you can create a 360 degree view of your prospects and customers. This will give you the insight to increase your future sales opportunities. I den andra handen, better communication and excellent customer support ensures better buyer incentives and long-term customer relationships. This also increases the probability of acquiring more first time customers.

Under tiden, the CRM is also not a closed and fixed system. It needs to be constantly reformed and developed to meet current and future business requirements.

Kapture CRM offers a comprehensive process automation platform that caters to your online business requirements. Prova Kapture free CRM trail. For any query and information, contact at +91 7899887755 eller sales@kapturecrm.com.


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